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Premium Grade “A” Antlers: Healthy Single Ingredient Chew That Also Provides Meals For Shelter Dogs (3 Pack)


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Project Paws® Premium Grade “A” antlers are a safe, long-lasting chew that dogs go absolutely nuts for! Most pet chews have a bad odor and will leave a mess, unlike our antlers. These chews leave no residue and the only mess that will be on the floor is a possible drool from your dog enjoying the treat!

And because our antlers are naturally shed through a natural yearly process that does not harm the deer in any way, no animals are harmed in the collection of our antlers. These single ingredient, all-natural antlers promote healthy teeth and gums for your four-legged friend as your pup gnaws on them.

In addition to the joy of knowing your dog is enjoying this simple pleasure, your purchase will provide healthy meals for a shelter dog waiting for their forever home!

  • 100% Digestible & All-Natural
  • No chemicals or preservatives, unlike rawhide that can contain bleach or other additives
  • Ideal for dogs 40 lbs. and up
  • Single ingredient, low fat
  • Natural teeth cleaners: The hard surfaces scrape off plaque and activate a dog’s saliva which is a dog’s natural way of keeping bacteria off their teeth
  • For each pack sold, we donate meals to shelter dogs through RescueBank™

While our Premium Grade “A”  antlers are a safer and healthier alternative to chews like rawhide, always monitor your dog while chewing. If your dog tries to swallow large pieces, discontinue use.

Average size: 8″

In stock

This product feeds 7 shelter dogs! Learn More

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Our dogs love antlers and they last forever. Both dogs will pick antlers over toys. By: Debbie

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