Brain Ball by Project Play™ – Treat Dispensing Teaser & Thinker Toy


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Keep your dog busy, while keeping their mind sharp!

Made of durable rubber, this ball has a capped hole to insert your dogs’ favorite treats, and on the opposite end of the ball is where your pup can get them out. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Inside the ball are multiple levels of tiers to block the treats from falling out, so your dog will have to really think about how to get the treats out! Especially useful for dogs with separation anxiety, this thinker treat ball will keep your dog entertained.

Pair it with our 100% Pure Freeze Dried Chicken or Liver Treats and your dogs are sure to have fun!

Approximately 4″ in diameter. One out of four colors will be sent at random.
Weight 1 lb 1 oz

Material: Rubber


Did you know that when someone is considering adopting from a shelter, a dog’s perceived playfulness is one of the top 3 most important factors?

However, what happens when a dog is locked up in a kennel all day? They’re bored and they’re scared. This leads to anxiety, which can even manifest itself as aggression. Long story short, lonely, bored dogs are not adopted at high rates, and as a result, many are euthanized.

Knowing how important playfulness is to potential adopters, we asked ourselves how can we increase adoption at the shelters we already provide food for? We talked to shelter workers and they told us about the need for high quality, durable toys for the dogs.

When shelter dogs are seen playing with toys, adoption rates skyrocket!

Adopters begin to imagine playing fetch with the dog in their yard. They imagine their children enjoying the company of their new pet. In a nutshell, play changes everything!

Knowing this, we got to work, and came up with Project Play. For every toy you purchase for your dog, a toy will be donated to a shelter dog in need. And not just any junk toy, but a high quality, durable toy that’s perfect for large breeds at most shelters.

NOTE: While this toy is extremely durable, it is intended as a teaser toy and not a chew toy that a dog should be allowed to destroy. Always use caution and supervise your dog, especially with new toys. Remove any pieces that may have broken off, and discard. This toy does not squeak.

This product provides 1 Dog Toy
for a Shelter In Need - Learn More
Ships from California via USPS (3-5 business days) or 3-4 weeks (Outside USA).

Verified Customer Reviews


This is my hound dogs most favorite toy! She had it figured out in a matter of seconds! And she is the only 1 who KNOWS what/how to get the treats out and our other 2 dogs follow her around waiting for the chance to get a treat! By: Kimberly


Bigger than expected By: Laura




Great toy! They really enjoy it. By: Patricia


No comment entered by customer. By: Tamra


My pup loves playing with this ball with or without treats in it! By: Chrissy


Dante is a determined chewer who loves treats! He loves this ball and has not destroyed it... Yet! :-) By: Donna


The ball is fun overall with treats inside, but it is a bit heavy and bouncy. Maybe slightly smaller size would be easier to carry around. I dont think my dog gets it that its a treat ball to push around yet, but working on it! By: Natalie

Customer service response: Hi Natalie, Thank you for your feedback about the Brain Ball. I understand you expected more of a fetch ball. I do hope your dog is enjoying pushing the ball around and trying to dislodge the treats! We sincerely appreciate your support of the shelter dogs. :)


No comment entered by customer. By: Lauren


Dog enjoys playing with it. Treats come out fairly easy By: Vicky


My pups chase each other to get it. Will have to order another! By: Angie


Love to provide something that will take the time and interest of my puppy, Shadow, and this works great! By: Joan


We're still working on getting the treats out, but we're having fun learning! By: Debbie


Not at hard to get treat as I expected. The treats really fall out of it. We us the ball in the park to have our dog chase it. By: Carolyn

Customer service response: Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your feedback! I've attempted to reach you by Email. We suggest stuffing the BrainBall with treats larger than kibble so that they don't fall out. I hope that helps! Thank you for providing a dog toy to a shelter in need!


ove it By: Juli


extremely durable, my dog has not been able to destroy it, but plays with it often and every day By: JoAnne


Destroyed by my dog the first time I gave it to him. He only used it once unfortunately By: Nicole

Customer service response: Hi Nicole, I understand your dog has already destroyed the toys. We have attempted to reach you to offer an alternative or store credit. Please write to us at so we can assist further. Thank you for supporting the shelter dogs!


Was much bigger than I thought, much too big for my 3 pound Yorkie. By: Sally

Customer service response: Hi Sally, I understand the Brain Ball was too large for your 3-lb. Yorkie, but I'm so glad you were able to give it to a bigger dog who is enjoying it. Thank you for your purchase that provided a toy to a shelter dog!


Too big for my pup, at 4". But, gave ball to neighbor for her Australian Shepard, keeps her dog very busy, which the whole neighborhood is appreciating! By: Diane


No comment entered by customer. By: Alana


My dog is loves playing and getting treats and I love that he's occupied while I'm busy. By: Adrienne


No comment entered by customer. By: Christie


Awesome By: Andrew


Love it and it came faster than they said! By: Susanne


No comment entered by customer. By: Pamela


My Catahoula loves this toy and has not tired of it or chewed it up. By: Nancy


No comment entered by customer. By: Patricia


No comment entered by customer. By: Courtney

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