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Brain Ball by Project Play™ – Treat Dispensing Teaser & Thinker Toy


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Keep your dog busy, while keeping their mind sharp!

Made of durable rubber, this ball has a capped hole to insert your dogs’ favorite treats, and on the opposite end of the ball is where your pup can get them out. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Inside the ball are multiple levels of tiers to block the treats from falling out, so your dog will have to really think about how to get the treats out! Especially useful for dogs with separation anxiety, this thinker treat ball will keep your dog entertained.

Approximately 4″ in diameter. One out of four colors will be sent at random.
Weight 1 lb 1 oz

Material: Rubber


Did you know that when someone is considering adopting from a shelter, a dog’s perceived playfulness is one of the top 3 most important factors?

However, what happens when a dog is locked up in a kennel all day? They’re bored and they’re scared. This leads to anxiety, which can even manifest itself as aggression. Long story short, lonely, bored dogs are not adopted at high rates, and as a result, many are euthanized.

Knowing how important playfulness is to potential adopters, we asked ourselves how can we increase adoption at the shelters we already provide food for? We talked to shelter workers and they told us about the need for high quality, durable toys for the dogs.

When shelter dogs are seen playing with toys, adoption rates skyrocket!

Adopters begin to imagine playing fetch with the dog in their yard. They imagine their children enjoying the company of their new pet. In a nutshell, play changes everything!

Knowing this, we got to work, and came up with Project Play. For every toy you purchase for your dog, a toy will be donated to a shelter dog in need. And not just any junk toy, but a high quality, durable toy that’s perfect for large breeds at most shelters.

NOTE: While this toy is extremely durable, it is intended as a teaser toy and not a chew toy that a dog should be allowed to destroy. Always use caution and supervise your dog, especially with new toys. Remove any pieces that may have broken off, and discard. This toy does not squeak.

Your Purchase Provides 1 Dog Toy for a Shelter In Need
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Verified Customer Reviews


Fun toy!! A creative way to keep dogs interested and to reward them at the same time. By: Graham


My dog won’t use it :( By: Karlene

Customer service response: Hi Karlene - Thank you for sharing your feedback on your recent order with I understand that you were having some trouble getting your dog to use the Brain Ball, and I can see that one of our agents has been in contact with you with some tips. I hope that it was helpful! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Thanks again!


My pup loves her treat ball. By: Shaunna


Lesson learned: measure before I buy! These were too big for mine but I know the pups at Heinz 57 Pet Rescue and Transport were happy with them :-) By: Shirley


Love the ball, can be challenging or easy depending on how big the treats loaded in are. I like to mix it up so sometimes it's easy and sometimes I get home I know it took her a long time to get it out. By: Mark