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Single Ingredient Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Treats


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Project Paws® Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats are proudly made, sourced, & packaged in the USA. Our freeze-dried dog and cat treats start with fresh, high-quality, single-sourced chicken hearts. We don’t add anything. No added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or anything artificial; just single ingredient goodness! Our 48-hour slow freeze-drying process keeps the vital nutrients packed in without cooking the raw meat to retain all the active nutritional elements. This allows them to be safely stored without refrigeration and makes them great for training, snacking or used as a tasty protein boost on top of your pet’s food.

Ideal for pets with health issues or those that are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet. Delicious and irresistible treats your dog will love!

Directions: Feed as a healthy treat, training aid, or protein boost food topper. 

Size: 1.9 ounce

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No comment entered by customer. By: Courtney


Charlie gets one everyday for breakfast -- he loves them and expects one after every morning walk. By: Hoa


charlie loves these! i say "chicken heart" and he gets so excited! these are very special treats for him. i was giving him one per day (because he's such a good doggie) and i think he put on some pounds :-( he will do anything for a chicken heart By: Hoa


No comment entered by customer. By: Sherry


No comment entered by customer. By: Dana


Stella, my Toy Poodle, love these so much I have to hide the bag !!! By: Marie


No comment entered by customer. By: Lisa


My dogs love these dried chicken hearts. I break them up and mix them in with their meals and they gobble their food up! I love that the are natural and not giving my dogs a bunch of bi-products as a treat. By: Denise


Loved by dog and cat, Moxie cat usually grabs rehydrated heart out of her bowl first and runs into bathroom tho Sophie’s never stolen one. Tho Moxie cat HAS stolen Sophie’s turkey necks and tripe! By: Cheryl


No comment entered by customer. By: Donna


Dogs liked them but pp made them uneconomical By: Pauline


The thought about kills me but my boy loves them! By: LD


No comment entered by customer. By: Virginia


My dogd love them but my senior dog wants to swallow whole which is scary By: Madelon


Great product and my dog loves them! By: Marie


my dog loves these, my partner is a little freaked out though - hahaha By: Pam


No comment entered by customer. By: Monica


We gave these as a gift and the play date friend dogs went nuts for them. By: Mary Lou


No comment entered by customer. By: Carie


product not received yet By: Francesca

Customer service response: Hi Francesca! Our Customer Service Team reached out to you in regards to this. It appears that there was a delay with shipping but the order did arrive shortly after :)

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