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“When You’re Away” Comfort Cuddler™ – Leave Your Scent with Your Dog When You’re Not Home


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Does your pup hate being left alone? Does he or she get nervous and sad when you leave for the day? Do you end up feeling guilty?

Now you can reduce your dog’s anxiety in an extremely cute, very simple way. The Project Play™ Comfort Cuddler™ helps relax your pet during a stressful situation, like car rides, taking your pup to the dog sitter, crate training, or whenever he or she experiences separation anxiety.

How it works: Your dog LOVES your scent. The canine sense of smell is very strong and helps inform dogs of the world around them. Your smell is one of the most comforting things to your pup. The Comfort Cuddler features a pouch with a mesh window into which you can insert something that smells like you. The Comfort Cuddler becomes a pillow for your pup to relax with and feel soothed by your scent.  


  • Easy-open velcro pouch makes it easy to insert garments or other fabric
  • Large pouch that can hold a t-shirt, pillow case, or other similarly sized fabric items
  • Soft plush your dog will love snuggling with
  • Mesh window for easy-sniffing
  • All pet safe materials!
  • Buy one, give one! As with all our Project Play™ toys, every purchase provides a toy for a dog in a shelter!

Comfort Cuddler measures 8″ x 8″.

Material: Pet Mesh lined
Plush fleece outer
Nylon velcro

Hand wash only, hang dry. Do not use dryer.

In stock

Ships from California and arrives within 10 business days (USA) or 3-4 weeks (Outside USA).
This product provides 1 Dog Toy
for a Shelter In Need - Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


I intend to order another one! ? By: GENEVA


Great By: Monika


Nice product, but no experience with it yet By: Sabina


No Comment By: Donna


Love it and he loves it! By: Nikki


I've been eyeing this sweatshirt for awhile. I finally ordered it. I absolutely love it! By: Paula


Excellent By: Rose


We love it!!!! It's awesome quality and our dog loves it! By: Shanan


No Comment By: Susan


My girl loves this "my person is always with me" (my name for it). each day I put in a sock or another piece of clothing that I wear around the house, your scent is often different from each day, (perfune, deod,sweat all take effect) and she just loves it so much. love this item.... By: Ramona


My dogs use more as a toy when I'm home, but they must like it because nothing has been chewed up or destroyed since we got them. I used an old t-shirt to put inside instead of a pillow case, and it seems to have same effect since it still had my smell. By: Judith


No Comment By: Brooke


This is a fantastic product. Especially if you have a pet with separation anxiety. By: Shannon


My little pup hasn't destroyed this toy yet which is a miracle. I only let him have it in his crate while we are away which probably helps. Great product! By: Tiffany


No Comment By: Jason


Toni likes this, I stuffed a tshirt in it and she cuddles it. By: Sally


love this--it is a gift for a friend and his dog By: constance


Fantastic idea. Pup loves it. Must make sure to take away during day or she plays with it, packing it everywhere. Doesn't stop her from stealing other socks from "dad", oh well. By: Diane


LOVE this so much.. BUT, my dog is what we call "the destroyer". In a matter of days she had chewed through this and was pulling the contents out. LOL By: Stacy


Great cause. Speedy delivery. The product is much smaller than I had envisioned so it didn't fit an adult shirt. Socks or a child shirt would work well. Perhaps because of the small size, the heart didn't hold my dog's interest very long. By: Laurie


A little smaller than I expected. By: Alana


Best gift for my sweet pooch ? Plus I helped other dogs ? Thank You?? By: Amanda


No Comment By: Vicki


Well made, soft and adorable! By: Deborah


Quality merchandise, Superfast shipping and an opportunity to help other animals! THANK YOU! By: Pat


Love this and can't wait to try it soon. By: Michelle


Love, love this By: Christy


My dog loves it ! By: Susan


No Comment By: Christie


No Comment By: Megan

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