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FREE “Invisible” Finger Toothbrush: Perfect for Dogs Who Hate Brushing


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At iHeartDogs, we’re passionate about canine dental health care because it saves lives. We’re so passionate that we’re willing to give away one of our most popular products for free (just pay S&H) so that more dog owners will start brushing!

For pets that dislike getting their teeth brushed with a toothbrush, this clear, nearly invisible rubber finger toothbrush offers a more gentle, natural brushing experience. Your pup won’t even notice it on your hand! Soft, tiny rubber bristles help clean teeth while small nubs on the back massage the cheeks.

Use with your pup’s favorite pet-safe toothpaste. It’s recommended to replace your finger toothbrush at least every 3 months, so stock up! (the first brush is on us, and each additional brush is $1 each, STRICT LIMIT OF 5)

Why is Canine Dental Health Care So Important?

4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 suffer from canine periodontal disease. The disease is a serious illness that can develop into a life-threatening condition if the infection spreads to other areas of the body. Daily brushing and yearly dental cleanings with the vet are the best ways to control your pup’s dental health and ward off infection.

100% Pet Safe Rubber. One size fits most.
Measures approximately 2 1/4″ long and 7/8″ in diameter.
Wash with mild dish soap after each use.

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Verified Customer Reviews


My dogs love the taste of the peanut butter toothpaste and all 4 of them let me brush their teeth with the finger brush. Only 1 out of the 4 needs to go to vets for deep cleaning. Hair brush glove did ok but my dogs are long hair and need a big brush. Would love to see you offer a good quality set of clippers. By: Cheri


No comment entered by customer. By: Susan


it was ok By: Gail


This has been great since my pups do not tolerate doggie toothbrushes with handles. They think it’s just something else to nibble on while not knowing they’re getting their teeth brushed. By: Lynda


You can actually feel where your brushing the dog's teeth, which is great. And the nylon bristles are easy on my pet's gums. :-) By: Lue