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Fur-Eraser Miracle Self Cleaning Hair & Lint Remover Set


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Throw out your fussy tape lint rollers NOW – our self cleaning Fur-Eraser pet hair and lint removers are the absolute solution for your fur laced clothing and upholstery! This set comes with a large double-sided Fur-Eraser wand and base for cleaning off the wand, plus a bonus portable Fur-Eraser stick with attached cleaning base.

The easy to use design makes fur removal a breeze. Just swipe the Fur-Eraser wand across the fur-laden item, making sure to wipe against the grain of the red cling fabric.

You’ll see it working like magic, picking up all those fine hairs that a tape lint roller could easily have left behind. Once you’re done, pop the wand into the cleaning base. The base quickly removes the lint off of the wand and you’re ready to clean the next item! The fur stays trapped inside the base until you release it through the access door on the under side.

No tape waste and no need for refills!

Large Fur-Eraser Measurements:
Wand measures 12″ in length
Base measures 8.3″ in length

Portable Fur-Eraser Measurements:
Measures 5.5″ in length, when retracted


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Verified Customer Reviews


Happy to help pups By: Gina


Great brushes, I purchased 2 and love the, They grab all the hair after brushing my baby which is quite often since I keep him long coat and groomed very often. I love to brush him and now I really enjoy it because I know I can just brush away the hair off my clothes and sofa. Love the brushes. By: Noreen


No comment entered by customer. By: Emily


Excellent, our Springer does not shed she dumps fur so they are very useful. By: Peter


Works great! By: Carey