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Golden Yak™ Chews Long Lasting Himalayan Chew Made from All Natural Yak Milk (2 Pack)


  • 22 Reviews

Project Paws® Golden Yak™ Milk Chews are a healthy all-natural hard cheese snack guaranteed to keep your dog happy for hours! Our Yak milk chews are made from a generations-old Nepalese recipe, using yak and cow’s milk to produce a soft cheese that is kneaded and then sun-dried, resulting in a perfect hard texture that will satisfy any dog’s need to chew. Additionally, as your dog chews, the saliva produced helps act as a natural defense against gum disease while the calcium in the cheese helps put minerals back into their teeth. Easily digested, Project Paws® Golden Yak™ Milk Chews never contain chemicals, bleach, or preservatives and are grain and lactose-free for sensitive stomachs. Low-odor and will not stain.

  • Contains 2 large chews. Approximate size 4.5″- 6″ by 1″ wide by .75 height” (sizes and color will vary)
  • Depending on your dog’s chewing behavior, can last anywhere from several hours to several days
  • Great for dogs ranging in weight from 15 – 70 lbs.
  • Keep your dog stimulated and occupied with these healthy, rawhide free alternatives!
  • Great hypoallergenic, grain-free, lactose free treat option
  • High protein, low-odor, non-staining

HOW TO USE SMALL LEFTOVER PIECES: Once a piece becomes too small, take it away to prevent chocking risk. Place the small dry piece in a microwave for approximately 45-60 seconds. It will puff up to twice its size. Let it cool, and let your dog enjoy the now crunchy treat safely.

Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice

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  • 1 bag, $19.99
  • 2 bags, $17.99 each
  • 3+ bags, $15.99 each

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This product feeds 6 shelter dogs! Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


The dog who I purchased this for just loves it! By: John


Perfect for the over active chewer! By: Sam


Best thing I’ve found for an over-active chewing puppy!! By: Sam


My dogs love and long lasting By: Lisa




My pups INSIST on these, and these alone! No cheap imitations! They LOVE them!! By: Leigh


I got these for a friend. Her dogs love them! By: Nikoleta


No comment entered by customer. By: Dana


These smell great and last a long time! By: Laura


Our dogs love these chews! By: Annette


These last a long time and are made from simple ingredients, nothing artificial and my dog loves them. He carries his Yak bone around the house like it's a treasure he found! By: Valerie


My dog REALLY love these. By: Mary Lou


I tried another brand and my young dog went through them faster. These may be a bit more expensive but worth it. By: Diane


My Cane Corso Cooper absolutely loves these! They last longer & dont smell bad like the cheese version. By: Kasey


My girls love their yak cheese. A treat that's really good for them. And when it gets to be a small nub I put it in the microwave for 1 minute, it puffs up and they finish eating it without the danger of choking. By: Linda


Too big for my Jack Russell Terrier so gave to German Shepherd By: Judith


Not as sturdy as I hoped... By: Lisa


Great quality- long lasting By: Deborah


No comment entered by customer. By: Karen


Great long lasting chew product! By: Joy


My big 10 month old puppy loves these. By: Jill


Great treat and love microwaving the small bits for our dog. By: David

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