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You’re all about being prepared for whatever life throws at you, which is why you’re probably a fan of the Never Forgotten Paracord Bracelet. You might even be wearing one now. Since you’re your dogs hero, and he’s probably yours, why not kit out your four-legged best friend with his own Paracord Dog Collar?

This bomb-proof collar features an ultra-rugged nylon webbing base with double box stitched ends securing the durable alloy metal hardware for optimal strength. Then we’ve weaved 550 paracord over a portion of the collar for a great look that also gives you 7 to 18 feet of paracord (depending on size) should the need arise.

Centered on the collar is the American flag, putting your love of this country on display for all to see. Then we’ve placed a band on the collar imprinted with the words “Hero Dog” as a reminder of how much your dog means to you. 


3 Meals will be Donated to Shelter Dogs in need .

Size & Fit:


  • Fits Neck Circumference: 10.5” - 14.5”
  • Width of Collar: ¾”


  • Fits Neck Circumference: 14.5” - 18.5
  • Width of Collar:  1”


  • Fits Neck Circumference: 18.5” - 22.5”
  • Width of Collar:  1”


  • Fits Neck Circumference: 22.5” - 28.5”
  • Width of Collar:  1”


– 550 Paracord

  •  Small Collar includes approx. 7 ft of Paracord
  •  Medium Collar includes approx. 13.75 ft of Paracord
  •  Large Collar includes approx. 17.5 ft of Paracord
  •  X-Large Collar includes approx. 18.5 ft of Paracord

– Nylon webbing
– Zinc alloy American flag, buckle, D-ring and link
– Copper grommets
– Rubber label (front: star, back: “Hero Dog”)

Frequently Ask Questions

Paracord offers a strong yet lightweight option for a dog collar. As it's made of nylon, paracord will not mind getting wet, and it's very comfortable for your favorite dog. Find out all the benefits of paracord for dogs right here and decide if your dog needs a new accessory.

Is Paracord Good For Dog Collars?

Paracord utilizes strong nylon similar to the material used to make a seatbelt in a car. The material allows for a lightweight yet durable and strong material that resists mold, rot, and mildew. Unlike most other materials, it dries quickly without retaining odors, and it's a breeze to clean. Paracord dog collars easily clean up in warm, soapy water, making them perfect for dogs that love to run around in the dirt.

Paracord is similar to macramé in that it can be knotted in various ways to make attractive and useful objects and comes in a rainbow of colors.

While on an adventure with your favorite furry buddy, having a paracord dog collar and lead provides a massive amount of emergency cord. If you ever find yourself in a sticky circumstance, know that an unraveled medium-sized collar provides at least 15 feet of cable.

Which Collar Is Best For Dog?

The ideal collar for your pet fits well, does not cause discomfort, and does not restrict their movement. You may find a variety of collars at iHeartDog that are suitable for use with any dog. We offer break-away and escape-proof colors, in addition to having a good thickness to keep pets safe and comfortable.

Our paracord collars are made of nylon, which is both gentle and durable, and each one may be customized to fit your pet's individual needs. Additionally, our collars use strong alloy metal hardware as a rugged safety fastener. Our collars are made for wear and tear while still giving maximum security for your beloved pet.

Why Dogs Should Not Wear Collars In The House?

Your pup may love a new collar but then later find it irritating. Most collars are made of synthetic materials like nylon for durability and safety; however, these fabrics can irritate delicate skin. Dogs with shorter fur coats or hair will find collars far more annoying.

When something annoys dogs, they scratch because they do not have opposable thumbs. They also cannot communicate if something bothers them except with motions and sounds. Pay attention to your dog; if he shows signs that his collar is causing discomfort, remove it when possible at home.

You are free to remove the collar from your dog anytime you see fit. Each owner and pet is unique, and decisions should be made based on the requirements and priorities of the individual parties. Many people remove their dog's collar when everyone is in for the night to allow the dog's skin to breathe and for relaxation.

Nevertheless, mishaps occur, and people lose track of their dogs, so the collar should be worn when the dog is not with their human. Last but not least, certain dogs simply do not like wearing collars, much like some people do not want to wear necklaces. Your dog may prefer a collar that is either lighter or made of a more comfortable material.

Who Sells the best paracord dog collars?

Find a fantastic paracord dog collar at iHeartDogs. The Hero Dog Heavy Duty Paracord – Most Durable Dog Collar honors dogs and veterans. It's more than just a collar, it's a tribute to those who have served their country, and these collars help to fund service dogs for vets. Each collar includes a metal flag for beauty and honor.

With you as his hero and him as yours, your dog deserves nothing less than a Paracord Dog Collar. Owners who love to have spare paracords on hand will love these too. For an affordable price, you can help bring dogs to veterans and help dogs in shelters. What other paracord collar offers so much?

Should Dogs Wear Dog Collars All The Time?

No, dogs need a break from wearing their collar just as people need a break from wearing a necklace. Despite their usefulness as identification tags and leash attachment points, dog collars can be harmful. Because of the potential for harm associated with dog collars, it is important to exercise caution when shopping for one. Ensure the collar does not restrict your dog's airway but fits snugly.

Pain, injury to the neck or skin, cuts to the hands or lips, and even suffocation can result from wearing a collar too tightly. Before purchasing a collar, measure the distance between the dog's neck and the collar's opening using your thumb. Dogs should be walked on leashes with a harness rather than a collar to reduce strains on the neck.

What Is The Two Finger Rule For Dog Collars?

When fastening or adjusting your dog's collar, remember the two-finger rule. The two-finger rule states that your dog's collar should allow two fingers' worth of space between the skin and the collar. When done correctly, the collar should be snug but not tight. Your dog's neck size may change over time, so even if the collar is snug right now, it does not mean it will stay that way.

Who Sells American Flag Dog Collars?

Fans of the Never Forgotten Paracord Bracelet will adore the HERO DOG Heavy Duty Paracord – Most Durable Dog Collars. The collars are made of strong alloy metal hardware with a base of ultra-rugged nylon webbing, and the collar itself is reinforced with double-box stitching for maximum security. We added some style by weaving 550 paracords over a section of the collar.

With 7 to 18 feet of paracord, depending on the size, you will always have a cord to work with while you and your dog are out living rugged lives. The American flag is prominently displayed in the middle of the collar, ready to demonstrate patriotic pride. An inscription inside says "Hero Dog," showing respect and honor to your pup.

What this product does for veterans offers more significance than anything a collar can do. Injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can make life difficult for certain veterans. By providing them with a loving bond, life-changing hope, and practical help, getting a service dog can literally save their lives. By purchasing this item, you are supporting prior service members through companion dogs for deserving warriors.

What Color Collar Should My Dog Wear?

A variety of collars with different color codes enable pet owners to signal the disposition of their pets. A small but vocal minority of dog owners in the United States already utilize color-coded collars and leashes to alert passers-by to their pet's special needs. The next time you see a dog walking with an unusually colored leash or collar, consider asking if the owner is using a color code.

Getting one of these collars is a good idea if your dog likes to go for walks and runs around the neighborhood. The quality of your interactions with the people you encounter will improve, and so will your dog's. Here are the main colors and what they mean:

Red - Caution or give the dog space

Green - Loves making new friends

Bright Yellow - Available for adoption

Light Yellow - Nervous or give the dog space

Blue - Training or service dog in the process of learning or working

Purple - do not feed

Orange - No dogs, only likes people

White - Deaf or blind

What Does It Mean If A Dog Is Wearing A Black Collar?

As of right now, black collars (or leashes) do not have an associated meaning. Hopefully, with time, that will change, and dogs who belong to veterans will pick up the color as their motto and as a sign of their dedication to their country.


Celine 08/18/2022

Perfect. Not as heavy as it looked like it was, which is good.

Julie 08/11/2022

many compliments on the collar. Made very well and looks cute on my yellow lab.

Kimberly 07/25/2022

Quality collar that has my Pups looking their best AND each purchase aids our HEROES in need!!!!

Julie 07/24/2022

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