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Your Purchase Provides 1 Warm Fleece Blanket For A Shelter Dog


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We believe a house is not a home without a dog, and that’s the message our Home Is Where My Dog Is Polar Fleece Blanket delivers. Grab one for your home so you and your pup can curl up in comfort together and forget the rest of the world outside those doors! And feel good knowing that when you buy one of these big blankets, a shelter dog gets one too. 

Home Is Where My Dog Is…

If this is how your heart feels, then our polar fleece blanket is the one for you. A blanket made for dog lovers, it’s soft, super cute, and at 50” x 60”, it’s large enough for you and your dog to share. Plus, it’s easy to wash and dry and suits all home decor styles. 

And best of all, when you buy one of these plush blankets, you’re giving a gift of warmth and comfort to a dog in need. Our Give Warmth initiative ensures shelter dogs know the joy of a good blanket, thanks to caring dog lovers like you! All you have to do is make your purchase, and we’ll make that donation happen.  

  • Delightful Doggy Design - The message on this cute blanket is printed in bold and surrounded by a border of pawprints and bones. In shades of cream, brown, gray, and tan, these neutral tones will compliment any home.  
  • Easy-Care - Just toss and wash! Simply machine wash cold and tumble dry low. 
  • Plushest of Presents - Give your fellow dog lover the gift of smoothing snuggly for holidays, birthdays, or just because everyone needs some comfort sometimes. They’ll love the message and that it helps dogs.   
  • Give Back - For every blanket purchased, we’ll donate 1 blanket to shelter dogs.

Christmas Dog Throw Blanket

Christmas Fleece Dog Paw Themed Blanket

  • Material - 100% Polar Fleece 
  • Size - 50” H x 60” L

Care Instructions: 

  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
  • Wash with like items
  • Do not bleach or iron

Frequently Ask Questions


Dogs and people love to stay warm and cozy on a chilly winter night. But, with so many options to choose from, you may find you have no idea what to pick.

The various blanket options have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, we found the softest options available to keep your and your dog protected from the elements and give dogs a comfortable place to sleep. Keep reading to better understand the characteristics that set apart the various blanket options.

What Are Those Fuzzy Dog Blankets Called?

Fuzzy dog blankets usually come from sherpa or faux sherpa. Named after the people in Nepal, true sherpa made of cotton offers extreme warmth and softness. Most sherpa today is synthetic, replicated to be like sherpa with polyester fabrics. The benefit of polyester is it locks in heat and it's affordable. Also, it's animal friendly as it's so snuggly.

Usually, one side of a blanket has faux sherpa while the other side has knit, fleece, or flannel. Not only are these fabrics soft and warm, but they also help to keep heat in the blanket serving as fantastic insulation from bad weather. Additionally, these fabrics all dry quickly and wick away moisture.

What Is The Best Blanket Year Round?

Fleece blankets are warm and moisture-wicking like wool blankets, but they are lighter and more portable. They are warm, comfortable, and snuggly to wrap yourself in or perfect for a pet to lay on. While fleece is not a naturally breathable man-made material, certain blankets have been designed to drain sweat away from the body. Get a single-layer fleece blanket for year-round use.

What Are Decorative Blankets Called?

Decorative blankets are also known as throw blankets. They are usually a single large piece of cloth, typically of the fleece, flannel, wool, or polyester varieties. You can include chenille blankets, knit blankets, afghan blankets, sherpa blankets, and more in this group. Throws are meant to be used as blankets for your body, not your bed, so they are often smaller and called lap blankets.

Throw blankets may be used for various purposes, from curling up on the sofa to a warm bed. Lap blankets are not warm enough on their own to keep you warm in the winter, and they do not stack well with other bedding. Many throws are around 50 inches by 60 inches, with variations for different-sized people and animals.

In addition, throw blankets are meant to add to the style of a room to make it a friendlier environment or throw blankets have a more ornamental role when they're not being utilized to keep someone warm. Throw blankets are not just the perfect companion for a night in with Netflix and relax; they are also a great way to add visual interest to your living room. Throws are a great way to personalize the look of a room when used in conjunction with other accessories.

What Does Gifting A Fleece Dog Blanket Mean To A Dog Lover?

A blanket is much more than just something you throw over your bed. It represents the kind of camaraderie and closeness that makes the cold winter months bearable. There is no greater act of generosity or respect than to wrap one's arms around another and hold them close.

Emotions have always been communicated by the way blankets are thrown over a person or laid for a pet. A blanket indicates you want to create a loving environment for them and their dog. They can even show how much you care for someone and want only the best for them.

Also, when you purchase a fleece blanket from iHeartDogs, your purchase also provides a blanket to an animal in a shelter. No other gift offers something for dog lovers and for dogs in need! Grab one today and show someone how much you care.

Is A Cute Dog Throw Blanket A Good Christmas Gift?

Gifting this gorgeous blanket to your dog-loving pal will make their day and provide them with years of cuddly comfort. It is a win-win for both them and rescue pets, so you know they will be fans. Many people have given our blankets as presents for a variety of reasons. The majority of our blankets are perfect for dogs, cats, kids, adults, and more.

Our blankets have pet themes to ensure everyone knows how much they love their pet. Bringing more good energy into the world may make a difference for anyone, whether they are going through a tough time themselves or just want to see the glass as half full. In addition to being practical, dog-themed blankets are adorable and ready to cheer people up all season long. The days are shorter and make everyone sleep, ready to curl up and relax.

A warm blanket may provide comfort and peace of mind for your loved ones. Happiness and satisfaction are feelings that can be triggered by a sensation of bodily warmth. In addition to keeping your loved one warm, our blankets have a festive pattern that will help them feel mentally prepared to overcome dreary weather and help to perk up their day.

Will My Dog Chew Up A Fleece Christmas Throw Blanket?

You make a bed for your dog because you care about their well-being as they sleep. However, bedding and blankets are prime targets for canine chewing. As a pet owner, you will want to put a stop to destructive chewing as soon as possible because of the money and stress it may cause.

Chewing is an instinctual behavior for dogs. Their teeth will stay in better shape, their stress will be reduced, and their boredom will be reduced if he has something to chew on. However, when your dog starts chewing too much or on the wrong things, like his bed, it may cause a lot of trouble. You probably will not be able to stop your dog from chewing entirely, but you can train him to gnaw on appropriate chew toys instead.

A dog's age is a potential contributor to destructive chewing. Under the age of six months, your dog is probably teething. Teenage dogs often outgrow their harmful chewing habits. However, you should suspect boredom or separation anxiety if your adult dog still chews after being left alone for long periods of time.

Chewing can be a sign of hunger in certain dogs, especially those whose diets have just been altered. Your dog may also be engaging in fabric sucking, an obsessive activity triggered by premature weaning. Fabric-sucking dogs may have an obsessive need to lick, suck, or chew on various textiles. Make sure to keep chew toys on and to stop your dog gently when they chew on your blankets. Never sternly admonish a dog who chews as this can stress them out and exacerbate the problem.

Who Sells Matching Blankets For Me And My Dog?

iHeartDogs sells colorful, cute, and cozy blankets for both dogs and humans. Our blankets come in three sizes, 25 by 40 for small pets, 30 inches by 40 inches for medium dogs, and 50 inches by 60 inches for large dogs or for humans. Keep the same decor for a streamlined look and still help dogs in need to get a little bit of warmth this winter.

We also sell flannel, sherpa, and fleece blankets, ready to keep humans and pets warm this winter. Choose from several options, including buffalo print with paws decorating the top. It's the perfect option for the holidays, especially for the dog lover in your life. You can even buy matching socks, pajama pants, and pillows, all for affordable prices, ready to fit any budget!


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Not as thick as I thought but it is really nice and comfy..

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We love our blanket nice and soft

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Love these blankets and so does my dog.

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