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Nature’s Butter™ Snout Balm for Dogs (2 oz)


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Our line of all-natural butter balms feature the best pet-safe essential oils and butters, carefully mixed to provide your pup with a soothing boost of moisture to dry, itchy, sensitive areas in need of relief. We’ve been using these amazing balms on our own pups with fantastic results!


Snout Balm for Crusty-Nosed Pups

Does your dog have a cracked, dry, chapped nose? He might just need some help with keeping his snout moisturized. Nature’s Butter™ Snout Balm is just the thing for that poor pup with the sad snout. The unscented formula is packed with soothing oils and butters that seep into skin at different levels, locking in healthy moisture for longer periods of time.

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Made On A Farm, By Animal Lovers

Every Nature’s Butter™ balm is made in far northern Minnesota on a beautiful and very unique 40 acre farm. The amazing people behind this equally amazing product are animal lovers through and through. In fact, just a few steps outside the high-tech converted barn where the butter is made is a collection of rescued animals, including a yak (described as a “big baby”), sheep, cows, and a bunch of dogs, of course! The butters are hand-made by family members and local workers who might as well be family.

Each and every ingredient that goes into Nature’s Butter™ is ethically sourced and cosmetic grade. Only the best all-natural butters and essential oils are procured, carefully mixed by hand, and then gently heated to reach just the right consistency. Not a single ingredient gets tested on animals before reaching the farm. These balms are made by dog lovers, for dog lovers – so you can bet a lot of love and care goes into every single batch!


Before you first apply the butter, ensure that your pup is at ease and that you have either a treat nearby or time the application around mealtime. Your dog may be unfamiliar and even uneasy when you first apply the balm, so be patient and gentle.


  1. Scoop out a pea sized amount using a spoon or your fingernail and place in the palm of your hand.
  2. Slowly rub the butter around in the palm of your hand to warm it up and melt it (eases application and aids in absorption).
  3. Now that it is in a softer state (liquid is fine), gently apply the butter to the affected area, only doing a little at a time to start.
  4. Reward your dog immediately after application.
  5. Re-apply 2-3 times a day until the affected area is back to normal and continue applications 1-2 times per week as maintenance.

Sometimes dogs will be very interested in the balm and try to eat it, but don’t worry! These butters are safe to ingest. However, it is important to keep your dog from eating the balm as it needs time to seep into the skin and do its magic. Offer treats, a walk, playtime, cuddling, a meal, or scratches to distract your dog from licking the balm off. We recommend keeping the butter up and away from your dog when not in use to keep the temptation low.

Although very rare, some dogs may have a sensitivity to one or more ingredients. Always test a small amount first to see if there is a reaction, and discontinue use if an increase in swelling and/or reddening of the application site occurs.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Coca Seed Butter and Castor Oil

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Verified Customer Reviews


it worked in three days By: ROBERT


this really healed Daisy's nose up quick. By: Deborah


This is great for my French Bulldog's crusty nose. It doesn't have any strong odor, so he doesn't mind me putting it on! Thanks for the quick & great service By: Theresa


It works great! By: Nicholas


I love this product!! It is working wonders on my Saints crusty nose!!! By: Lisa


Awesome. Within a couple, her nose was softer and smoother. The one side of her nose had an area that was actually cracked a little. That area cleared very quickly. She does lick it and it doesn't bother her. Great product. By: Debbie


No comment entered by customer. By: Melisha




Working great! Using on our rescue that was a distemper survivor and has a chronic issue with dry,cracked,painful nose. She looks so much better and knows it helps. When she sees the tin she actually comes to me so I can apply it. By: Katherine


It works great! My dog had a huge crack in his nose and it is now healed! By: Randi


Great! By: Sandi


It really works By: Yolanda


Greatest product ever for our boxers’ noses. Don’t understand why the vets never said anything about using something to keep their noses soft! We love Nature’s Butter and will keep using it as directed!! Thank you for suggesting it on Facebook!??? By: Marcia


Works great! My dog's nose isn't very chapped, but when it seems a little dry this balm helps to moisturize it. By: Claire


When I can get my dog to hold still long enough for me to apply it, his nose looks softer and smoother. Good stuff! By: Rebecca


Love this product. It literally seen a difference with in two days. By: Rhonda


No comment entered by customer. By: Paul


No comment entered by customer. By: Pamela


Works great! By: Stephanie




This product is amazing. My dog has suffered with a super dry, cracked nose for many years. After a week only, of using this product. Her nose looks wonderful. Thank you By: Debra


I love this product! It helped my dog's nose return to normal! By: Melanie


He likes this but licks it off his nose! By: Patricia


Great product. Cleared up my little guy's problem within a week. My vet is amazed. (works well on my cuticles too!) By: Paula


Awesome product for my Frenchie!!! By: Cyndi


No comment entered by customer. By: Kristen


Works great, notice a difference already By: Robin


Great product! By: Angela


On my Boxer, his nose is always crusty. This really works to soften it. By: BETH


This product has helped my dogs greatly. I was worried about their dry noses; we live in Arizona after all and it's very dry here. After just a few uses their noses looked like they're supposed to and know we just use it a few times a week to keep them tip top! By: Kathy

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