A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Golden Angel Dog Artisan Tree Topper

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New for the 2021 holiday season, the  A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Golden Angel Dog Artisan Tree Topper will warm your heart and brighten your home with the glow of her golden angel wings! Plus, this sweet angel helps shelter dogs know the joy of a holiday feast and the comfort of a full belly.  

Be part of the Christmas Miracle and adopt this beautiful angel to create holiday displays that show off your love for dogs. This angel dog and her divine gold wings will brighten any spot, whether perched at the top of your tree, sitting on your mantle, or greeting visitors cheerfully at your entryway. It’s a versatile piece with a beautiful impact, both within your home and in the lives of shelter dogs in need. That’s because every angel tree topper purchased provides 30 meals to shelter dogs. 

Get yours now! Supply is limited, so don’t miss out on this beautiful Christmas keepsake. And don’t forget, we have a cat version too!

  • Divine Design - This dog angel wears an adorable smile and golden snowflakes that match her gold wings, collar and halo for the most heavenly of looks.  
  • Feeds An Entire Shelter - Just one tree topper funds 30 meals, so imagine what the purchase of a few can do! Buy multiples, one for each of your dogs, to make an even greater impact while building a cute display for your home. 
  • Giving A Miracle - These beautiful tree toppers make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for any dog lover. Bring Christmas cheer to a friend while filling food bowls for shelter dogs. They’ll love their angel pup because she’s lovely and helps dogs in need.  
  • Give Back - For every tree topper purchased, we’ll donate 30 meals to shelter dogs.

Love to collect holiday decor that gives back? Then check out all of our Artisan Angel Collectibles and start the cutest collection of angel dogs around!

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: 7¼” W x 10" H

Frequently Ask Questions:

With autumn here, many are planning for the coming festivities and planning the items they need for decoration. If you love dogs, angels, and the holidays, you need a dog angel tree topper to get your home in the Christmas spirit. Find out why your Christmas tree needs an angel dog tree topper this year and all the benefits of this adorable decoration.

Where Can I Find The Best Quality Dog Angel Christmas Tree Toppers?

At I Heart Dogs, you can get original Christmas decorations including an angel tree topper featuring a pup. Even better, we partner with GreaterGood.org to make your money work twice as hard. Each purchase donates thirty meals to real angel dogs, the ones in need at shelters. 

When you buy a plush dog angel topper from us, you are helping to provide millions of meals for a dog who depends on people to care for his needs. Our shop offers two dog tree toppers, one without lights and one with lights to suit any decor style.

While you can buy tree toppers from almost any store, no other option offers such a cute style or helps to feed shelter dogs. 

What Are The Types Of Christmas Tree Toppers?

Tree toppers come in many varieties, but here are the most common options:

Star Tree Toppers

  • From straightforward five-point patterns to ornate Moravian-inspired three-dimensional creations, star toppers have it all. 


  • When it comes to classic Christmas ornaments, an angel topper always ranks high. However, you can also adorn your tree with dogs, cats, Santa, starfish, and much more. Starbursts, snowflakes, and a wide variety of other shapes and forms are just some of the other options for Christmas tree tops.


  • Ribbons and bows can be used as feather-light ornaments for the top of a Christmas tree.

Finial Tree Toppers

  • Although you have likely seen dozens of Finial tree toppers in your time, many people are unaware of what they are. They are beautiful, ageless, and delicate, often glass toppers to finish off a tree. Often they start out thick in rounded shapes before tapering off into a point. 


  • Some Christmas tree toppers have no lights at all, while others have elaborate lights. These lights can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including traditional white and flashing patterns. LED tree toppers are also available for those who prefer artificial lighting. There are both battery-operated and plug-in versions of these toppers.

What Is The History Behind Angel Christmas Tree Toppers?

If you celebrate Christmas, you have probably seen that many trees have angels perched on top of them. The first Christmas features a pivotal role for angels: Angels came in the sky over Bethlehem on the night of Jesus' birth to proclaim his advent to the world, and they also visited Joseph and Mary to tell them about the impending birth of Jesus, the prophesied Messiah. 

Both angels and stars were seen in the sky above Bethlehem on that first Christmas, which led to the tradition of putting angel ornaments at the very top of Christmas trees. The religious significance of this custom led some to believe that making a public declaration of faith by placing an angel on top of the Christmas tree will not only protect the home from bad spirits but also keep the family safe over the holiday season. 

It is unclear exactly when this custom first appeared, although it has been around for centuries at least. Some believe the original angels were merely handcrafted decorations. The Europeans made the first glass angel decorations in the 17th century, which evolved into the life-size figures we now use to decorate our Christmas trees. Then, Queen Elizabeth brought angel tree toppers to the world. 

What Is A Good Christmas Tree Gift For A Dog Lover?

Dog lovers love tree toppers and ornaments. If you can find a gift featuring a pup, you will have dog lovers happy. If possible, try to find an ornament featuring their breed of dog for extra personalization. You can often find ornaments with a frame to add a photo of a dog lover with their pooch. Also, try Santa Dog ornament. 

What Are Common Safety Tips For Installing Christmas Tree Toppers?

While Christmas tree toppers add fun and decor to a room, not all of them are made with safety in mind. Keep the tree topper and the tree away from flames as well as liquid, especially if they are lit. Check to see if the UL or ETL/ITSNA has certified your bulbs. Make sure there is no damage and that there are no exposed wires or broken bulbs. To fix any of these issues, it is time to get new bulbs. Avoiding a fire is well worth the added cost. 

Never leave your Christmas tree lights or tree toppers on when you leave the house or go to bed. In such circumstances, early warning of a fire is unlikely.

Also, prevent your dogs from drinking the water used to sustain the tree. If your dog drinks from the tree, they can end up knocking the tree over and getting electrocuted, along with breaking all the ornaments and tree toppers. The same goes for kids around the tree. 

Can The Dog Angel Christmas Tree Topper Only Be Hung On The Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree toppers work beautifully on a tree as that's what they are made for, but you do not need to use them on a tree alone. If you have a collection of varying height toppers, place them all on a wooden tray for a unique decoration and stunning visual appeal. If they look too similar, separate them with silver or brass candlesticks. 

These little scenes shine best when displayed in front of a window or on a table in the dining room or foyer. Also, use tree toppers as quick and easy fireplace decoration. Simply choose a variety of the ones you have gathered over the years for a fresh new Christmas look. Of course, if you decide that you really adore them, you might always leave them out till after the New Year. 

How Tall Is The Dog Angel Christmas Tree Topper?

The Dog Angel topper measures 7 1/4 inches wide by 10 inches in height. It's a fabulous size for almost all trees, although it might not work for trees over twelve feet tall, depending on the look you want. With the angel wings, the topper spreads out over the top of the tree nicely for a beautiful aesthetic. 

How Do You Attach The Puppy Tree Topper To The Christmas Tree?

Most star tree toppers include a spiral or conical base at one of the star's points to sit on the tree's vertical top branch. However, I Heart Dogs Puppy Tree Toppers are made of soft plush fabric that sits on top of the branches without any hassles. A cutout in the back allows these tree toppers to sit comfortably without weighing down on the tree. Unlike other tree toppers, these fabric angels will not break!

You may still need a stabilizer to keep the tree topper in place. Consider using clips if your tree does not allow the topper to sit in place. Also, you can add weights to the tree topper around the bottom to ensure it stays in place. Finally, adding heavy but tiny bells will add to the appeal and help keep the topper in place. The bells can even let you know if a wayward pet has gained access to the tree!

What Is The Dog Angel Christmas Tree Topper Made Out Of?

The non-lit Dog Angel topper uses 100 percent polyester fabric for the entire piece. Some parts are shiny, almost metallic in appearance. The lit trees include finials and wings also made of polyester.


Tiffany 10/23/2022

Absolutely love my new angel pup tree topper. I have been waiting for the perfect angel and this is it. Plus it helps supports pups in need!