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Odor Control + Calming Accessory Pack


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Perhaps you need to reduce the stink or maybe calm your anxious pup – this accessory pack will help! The Odor Trapper and Calming Pack accessories bag comes with 1 Odor Trapper activated coconut charcoal odor eliminating bag and 1 aromatherapy felt heart insert for use with pet-safe calming essential oils (essential oils not included).

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We recommend using one at a time in your PACK&DEN product – either the Odor Trapper or the aromatherapy felt heart, not both. Simply tuck one into the zippered opening or special insert pocket and you’ll be able to comfort your doggo with soothing pet-safe essential oils or knock out any stinky pupper smells with all natural activated charcoal.

About The Odor Trapper
The Odor Trapper pack contains 100% activated charcoal crystals from coconut shell. Activated charcoal is the most powerful odor eliminator known to science. This is the same activated charcoal used in military gas masks and nuclear submarines – so those noxious doggy farts won’t stand a chance. The charcoal removes odors naturally. Completely safe and non-toxic for you, your pup, and your home. One pack lasts 3 months.

About The Aromatherapy Felt Heart
This beautiful little red felt heart can have a deep, healthy impact on your pup! Simply drip 1 drop (ONLY 1 drop) of a pet-safe calming essential oil or blend directly onto the felt heart.

Use pet-safe essential oils only. *** Essential oil is not included.


Pack Measurements: 4″ in width, 6″ in length

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