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An iHeartDogs/iHeartCats exclusive! Our Operation Santa Paws Kitty Snow Globe couples the cuteness of cats with the magic of Christmas to bring you a holiday keepsake that’s purrecious beyond compare! With glitter snow and LED lights, this handcrafted holiday treasure will deck your halls with kindness and rainbow color. And best of all, every purchase brings the gift of a full tummy to ten hungry cats. 

Brought to life by artists who understand the wonder of cats and the importance of feline rescue, the beautiful scene inside the glass globe is one of classic Christmas cheer with a cat-themed twist. In a detailed setting, Santa Paws visits with a clowder of cute kitty cats ready to tell the jolly old elf their holiday wish for a forever home! Gathered around an intricately detailed Christmas tree and brightly-wrapped gifts, Santa and his feline elves are preparing to deliver food, toys, and goodwill to felines everywhere. And it wouldn’t be a kitty Christmas without a cat climbing the tree! This detail makes our snowglobe the purrfect piece for anyone who loves cats.  

But wait! It gets even better because this traditional Christmas snowglobe features glitter and LED lights for a colorfully modern feel. Turn it on and shake it up for a light show that stands supreme among your holiday decor.  

Plus, when you buy one of our handcrafted snowglobes, you’re not only bringing festive feline fun to your home, but you're also giving shelter cats the gift of a full tummy this winter season! 

  • The Glory of Glitter - Give your snow globe a shake and watch the glittering snow swirl and shine as it cascades over an adorable scene of joy and kindness. 
  • Rainbow of Color - With a flip of a switch, the color-changing LED lights will glow from the base and into the globe, casting Santa and his feline friends in shades of the rainbow. 
  • Share the Love - Make their Christmas merry and bright with a snowglobe made to celebrate the magic of rescue cats. It’s a perfect holiday gift for your favorite cat lover!
  • Give Back - For every snow globe purchased, we’ll donate 7 meals to shelter cats.


Cat Snow Globe

Light Up Christmas Kitty Cat Snow Globe

    • Size - 4” Circumference x 5” Height  
    • Material
      • Glass globe
      • Resin base
      • Liquid (water)
      • LED colorful electronic lights
      • Batteries included - LR1130 (3)

Frequently Ask Questions

The Operation Santa Paws Christmas Cat Snow Globe with Colored Lights is an iHeartCats original! The adorableness of cats and the wonder of Christmas come together in our Kitty Snow Globe, making for a holiday remembrance ready to honor cats. This handcrafted Christmas globe will bring joy and brightness to your home with its glitter, snow, and LED lights. Find out everything you need to know, and then buy one for every cat lover in your life!

Where To Buy Cat Snow Globes With Colored Lights?

Many retailers offer cat globes for sale, including Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon, and Target, along with many more . However, iHeartCats offers an original that does more than improve Christmas decor and brings joy to many. When you purchase this snow globe, we donate ten meals to cats in need which makes the Operation Santa Paws Christmas Cat Snow Globe with Colored Lights a double gift!

Where To Buy Battery-Powered Snow Globes?

While many stores sell battery-powered white snow globes, few sell options with cats, and even less for the holidays! But have no fear, at iHeartCats, you can buy the one-of-a-kind Operation Santa Paws Christmas Cat Snow Globe with Colored Lights ready to light up your holidays. Just keep it away from your kitty to ensure they do not light themselves up!

What Country Are The Cat Snow Globes Made?

Even though many snow globe parts are manufactured here in the United States and in many other nations, there are still numerous snow globe parts that come from various regions of Asia. Some are still handcrafted and ready to bring long-lasting joy to the holidays.

Are There Automatic Swirling Cat Snow Globes?

While the market does not currently offer an automatic swirling cat snow globe, you can buy the Automatic Swirling Dog Snow Globe from iHeartDogs. The three gorgeous rescue canines housed within the lantern would like nothing more for Christmas than to find a forever home to call their own. Complete with a decked tree, a sack of gifts, and candy cane poles sporting a Santa Paws banner, the scene is positively delightful. Also, the purchase will help to feed twenty dogs in shelters too.

How To Change The Water In The Kitty Cat Snow Globe?

Put down some old towels on a flat surface to create a workplace. Place a hand towel in the form of a doughnut, then place the snow globe in the middle of the towel. Next, carefully remove the stopper from the snow globe's base.

The snow and glitter in the snow globe should settle to the top of the glass after five to ten minutes. Next, using a turkey baster or other suction device, pour the water from the snow globe into the sink until only a thin layer of water and snow remain at the bottom. Now, using an eye dropper, completely cover the glitter with rubbing alcohol.

To remove the alcohol and leave only the glitter and snow, carefully pick up the globe with a turkey baster and gently swirl it within. In order to make a 50/50 combination, fill a glass halfway with distilled water and then add alcohol. Use the turkey baster to re-introduce the mixture into the snow globe. You may glue or screw the plug back into the globe to reconnect them.

How Do You Clean A Glass Automatic Swirling Snow Globe?

Above, we discussed how to change the water in a snow globe; here, we will talk about how to clean the outside. Always take out the batteries before cleaning. Next, move to a safe, flat working space and place the snow globe on a cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the globe and wait for the dust to settle off the globe before continuing.

Take a damp cloth and wash the surface on all sides. Be careful not to get any water into the holes on the bottom where the lights or batteries go. Finally, wipe the globe dry with a cotton cloth before returning it to your desired location.

How Do You Store The Cat Snow Globe?

The first and most important step in preserving the perfect condition of your snow globe is to place it in a box that will not wobble. If you want to keep your snow globe in good condition, you should not be able to move it around too much after you have stored it away. Use the original packaging if at all possible, as the styrofoam will protect the globe, as will the box.

Find a box of similar size if you do not have the original packaging along with packing material. Tape the lid of the box shut to ensure that there will be no movement of any kind. Due to the unique composition of their solution, snow globes must be kept in a certain environment with carefully controlled temperatures.

Temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal; however, any temperature that is neither very hot nor excessively cold will do. Keep your snow globe away from the basement or attic because depending on the season. Either one of those places can have temperatures that are too high or too low to be safe for decoration. Instead, you should store your snow globe in a place that is cool, dry, and well-ventilated, such as a closet or a storage unit that has climate control.

Do The Cat Christmas Snow Globes Freeze?

If the liquid inside the globe is water, then it is possible for it to freeze and break. However, when exposed to exceedingly low temperatures, a snow globe containing antifreeze can prevent the contents from freezing for as long as six hours. Because of this, most snow globes and domes in the United States are manufactured with a solution consisting of water and antifreeze.

In the United States, a few manufacturers of snow globes do not use anti-freeze. Rather, they use a high-quality liquid that does not freeze until temperatures drop to 45 degrees below zero, is transparent, and is safe for human consumption. On the other hand, globes manufactured in the United States do not rely solely on water; therefore, they will not freeze during shipment or while being used.

What Are The Cat Snow Globes Filled With?

The Cat Snow Globe includes water as well as artificial snow inside of them. However, because they are susceptible to freezing, you need to make preparations to bring them inside as soon as they arrive, although most can survive outside for up to six hours.

Is A Lighted Automatic Swirling Cat Snow Globe A Good Gift?

As a Christmas present for your loved ones, a snow globe is a safe bet that cannot be messed with in any way. People who adore cats and want to give something back to the feline community will adore the choices that also make donations to animals in need, such as the provision of food. When you go shopping for a present, give some thought to the preferences of the person who will be receiving it.

Before making a purchase, you should walk about their house and make a note of the colors and themes they use. For example, some people enjoy decorating their homes with bright holiday colors and an abundance of products with Santa's likeness. However, others have a specific motif in mind and are looking for certain items to use as Christmas decor.

As a present, snow globes are frequently well received by children because they enjoy the vivid colors and the moving snow inside. If you notice that a friend, coworker, or family member collects snow globes, you can bet that they will be thrilled to get a snow globe for the holidays that has their preferred animal.


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