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Operation Santa Paws Christmas Dog Snow Globe with Colored Lights – Helps Feed 10 Dogs In Need

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An iHeartDogs exclusive! The Santa Paws Dog Snow Globe is the second in a collection of snowglobes designed to celebrate the magic of rescue dogs while bringing canine cheer to your home this Christmas. With glitter snow and LED lights, this handcrafted holiday keepsake will deck your halls with kindness and rainbow color! And best of all, every purchase brings the gift of a full tummy to 10 hungry dogs.

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Happy Pawlidays to Dogs Everywhere!  This product helps feed 30 Shelter Dogs in need . 

Dreamt to life by artists who understand the magic of dogs, the beautiful scene inside the glass globe is one of classic Christmas cheer with a dog-themed twist! In a detailed setting, complete with a decorated Christmas tree and a sack of toys, Santa Paws enjoys the company of two sweet dogs eager to tell him their holiday wish—a forever home! And dressed in their scarves and even a set of antlers, the doggy elves in Santa’s lap are ready to help the jolly man deliver food, toys, and goodwill to dogs everywhere. 

But wait! It gets even better because this traditional Christmas snowglobe features glitter and LED lights for a colorfully modern feel. Turn it on and shake it up for a light show that stands supreme among your holiday decor.  

The second in a series of iHeartDogs collectible snow globes, don’t miss out on your chance to continue a wonderful Christmas tradition. Every year will see a brand-new design, so be sure to get this next snow globe in a series exclusively designed by iHeartDogs and created with the purpose of saving rescue dogs.  

  • The Glory of Glitter - Give your snow globe a shake and watch the glittering snow swirl and shine as it cascades over an adorable scene of joy and kindness. 
  • Rainbow of Color - With a flip of a switch, the color-changing LED lights will glow from the base and into the globe, casting Santa and his doggy friends in shades of the rainbow. 
  • Share the Love - Make their Christmas merry and bright with a snowglobe made to celebrate the magic of rescue dogs. It’s a perfect holiday gift for your favorite dog lover!
  • Give Back - For every snow globe purchased, we’ll donate 10 meals to shelter dogs.


Lighted Dog Snow Globe

Christmas Dog Themed Snow Globe

    • Size - 4” Circumference x 5” Height  
    • Material
      • Glass globe
      • Resin base
      • Liquid (water)
      • LED colorful electronic lights
      • Batteries included - LR1130  (3)

Frequently Ask Questions

The Santa Paws Dog Snow Globe is only available from iHeartDogs making it a unique collectible ready to celebrate Christmas and dogs! It's the second snow globe in a line of snow globes created to honor the enchantment of rescue dogs while also bringing canine pleasure to your house during the holiday season. This thoughtfully created Christmas treasure will illuminate your home with a rainbow of colors and glitter snow and show your love for dogs. The best part is that each purchase provides ten undernourished canines with the gift of a satisfied stomach.

Where To Buy Light Up Dog Snow Globes?

Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon, and Target are just a few examples of the numerous online and offline stores that offer cat globes for sale. Nevertheless, iHeartDogs presents a unique option that not only enhances Christmas decor but also delivers delight to a great number of people. The Operation Santa Paws Christmas Cat Snow Globe with Colored Lights is a present that gives twice as much because, for every snow globe purchased, ten meals are given to dogs struggling to make ends meet.

What Country Are Most Light Up Dog Snow Globes Made?

Most snow globes, or at least their parts, come from Asian countries such as China. However, some are still made by hand in America or other countries worldwide, and they are all set to provide everlasting joy to the Christmas season.

Can You Change The Water In A Light Up Dog Snow Globe?

Start by setting up a workspace on a flat surface with some old towels on top. Keep one towel aside to form a donut ready to hold the snow globe. Put the globe in the middle of the donut-shaped towel to keep it safe and prevent it from falling. Then, carefully remove the plug located at the bottom of the snow globe.

Take time to allow all the glitter and snow to float to the back of the globe to separate the water. Once that's done, use a turkey baster or some other type of suction device, remove the water from the snow globe, and pour it into the sink. Continue doing this until there is just a thin layer of water remaining at the bottom with the snow. The next step is to completely cover the glitter with rubbing alcohol that has been administered using an eye dropper. Clean the inside of the globe at this stage using cotton swabs or a small brush.

Slowly pick up the globe using a turkey baster, move the alcohol about within the globe, and then carefully drain it until only the glitter and snow are left. A glass should be prepared with some distilled water, and then alcohol should be added to it until the combination is equal parts water and alcohol. Transfer the mixture from the mixing bowl back to your snow globe using the turkey baster. Put the plug back in, and it's ready for display.

How Do You Store A Battery-Powered Dog Snow Globe?

First and foremost, you need to find a place with the ideal temperature to store your globe. Try to find a place with a range from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, although any temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold will do. Do not store your snow globe in the basement or attic, where temperatures can drop too low or too high. Also, find a cool, dry place to prevent mold and mildew and ensure it's a place where the box will not fall to prevent a broken snow globe.

One of the most important things you can do to preserve the quality of your snow globe is to store it in a box that will not wobble. In the event that you no longer have the box in which your snow globes were purchased, you can use bubble wrap and a box of a similar size to keep them safe. Put some tape over the top of the box to make sure nothing moves. Snow globes have a unique solution that must be kept at a specific temperature.

Can Battery-Powered Dog Christmas Snow Globes Freeze?

If the liquid inside the globe is water, then it might freeze and fracture the glass. Although, many globes include anti-freeze to prevent this issue. Some country manufacturers do not utilize anti-freeze, but rather a high-quality liquid that will not freeze until temps drop to 45 degrees below zero, is clear, and is safe for human consumption.

However, because they do not rely only on water, American-made globes will not freeze during shipping or use. For up to six hours, a snow globe's contents will not freeze solid, even when exposed to subzero conditions. However, they have frozen before; thus, extra precautions should be taken during delivery if the temperature drops below freezing.

What Are The Light Up Dog Snow Globes Filled With?

The Dog Snow Globe Lanterns contain water and synthetic snow inside their globes. Unfortunately, they can freeze, so you should prepare to bring them inside as soon as they arrive.

How Long Do Battery-Powered Snow Globes Last?

Snow globes powered by batteries may only be used inside, and they are equipped with a timer that automatically switches them off after six hours to conserve the power contained within the batteries. If they are cared for properly, they may last for several years; nevertheless, you will need to clean them at some point.

Age and manufacturer affect batteries' useful lifetime. Buy batteries from a trustworthy retailer and manufacturer. The batteries should not have been stored for more than a year. Check batteries annually for corrosion or water damage, which might be dangerous. A corroded or leaking battery should be discarded. If the battery loses power, replace it.

Is A Battery Powered Dog Snow Globe A Good Gift?

As a Christmas present, a snow globe is a safe bet, especially for children and animal lovers. Someone who loves to support charities will love that the Santa Paws Dog Snow Globe gives back to the canine community. Even those who do not own pets will appreciate gifts that also benefit animals in need, such as food.

When picking out a present, remember to take into account the recipient's preferences. While many people love bright, cheery decorations, others prefer more subdued decor, and others may prefer a specific theme. Before making a purchase, take note of the colors and themes already present in their home. A snow globe depicting their favorite animal is a sure option for the holidays for anybody you know who is a collector, whether it be a friend, coworker, or family member.

Who Invented The First Light Up Snow Globe?

In 1900, Erwin Perzy accidentally invented the snow globe when helping a physician create more light for his operating room. The doctor wanted brighter bulbs; Perzy came upon a neat technique that shoemakers had discovered: by filling glass globes with water and setting them in front of candles, they made little spotlights for use in their stores. After much trial and error, he found a safe way to make a bulb work in glass by using white semolina flakes often used as baby cereal.

However, a French glass company introduced the world to snow globes during the 1878 Universal Exposition in Paris. Perzy did not develop the snow globe - he made a globe with a bulb -but he and his brother performed a lot of the heavy lifting that put snow globes on the map as a popular gift. A company in Vienna capitalized the idea, but it did not become mainstream until 1927 when a Pittsburgh man called Joseph Garaja submitted a patent application for an enhanced version of a liquid-filled novelty paperweight.


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