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PACK&DEN Big Doggo Ivory Faux Llama Throw With Odor Control + Calming Pack (MED, LRG)


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Does your pup LOVE hanging out on your furniture? Are you tired of that doggy smell permeating your furniture? Or maybe you just want to provide a comfy spot for your dog on the couch? This throw has you covered – in fact, you’ll probably want to use it just as much as your furry family member!

Our luxurious PACK&DEN throws are guaranteed to promote cuddling, here’s why:

  • Luxurious faux fur and faux suede backing that feels amazing and looks phenomenal (we’re seriously obsessed)
  • Includes our Odor Trapper and Calming Pack accessories bag, which comes with an Odor Trapper activated coconut charcoal odor eliminating bag, aromatherapy felt heart insert for use with calming essential oils (essential oils not included), and instructions
  • Features a special, easy to open velcro-closure pocket for the Odor Trapper bag or aromatherapy insert
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Provides a snuggly, warm, comforting blanket for a shelter dog while awaiting adoption and a loving forever family
  • Made with love in the U.S.A.

The Medium size throw is suitable for medium size dogs and smaller – including basset hounds, boxers, cocker spaniels, etc.
The Large size throw is suitable for large size dogs – including retrievers, dobermans, german shepherds, etc.


Check out the PACK&DEN Collection for more sizes and options!


PACK&DEN by iHeartDogs is our premium home collection, where each lounge item purchased provides a warm, soft blanket for a shelter dog. Our all-faux, vegan products are meticulously crafted to provide luxurious comfort for your canine pack members, that doubles as high-quality decor for your cozy den. After all, your pack is your family and their den is your home.

This comfy throw features a special pocket for our aromatherapy felt hearts or reusable Odor Trapper packs. We recommend using one or the other, not both. Simply tuck one into the special pocket and you’ll be able to comfort your doggo with soothing pet-safe essential oils or knock out any stinky pupper smells with all natural activated coconut charcoal. One Odor Trapper pack lasts 3 months.


Machine wash on delicate cycle using cold water only, tumble dry low.


Faux Llama: 100% Polyester
Faux Suede: 100% Polyester

Medium is 58″ in length, 36″ in width
Large is 70″ in length x 58″ in width
To determine if your pup can sprawl out on a throw, measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail in inches, then add 6 inches to the measurement. Pick the throw with a length that is at or greater than that number.

This Product Provides 1 Warm Fleece Blanket to a Shelter Dog Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


This is on my sofa just like in this pic. He loves it & doesn't chew it. Great! By: Judy


This is the softest blanket ever! And my dog is the Instagram product endorser for this! ? By: Laurel


I can't believe that's the same sofa we have & that throw is great, my dog loves it he's on it every nite while we watch TV. & it's easy to wash in the washer. By: Judy

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