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Paw Heart Mini Dog Bed Set – Light Grey/Black


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Did you know that dogs spend 80% of their lives sleeping? Well, if you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed your furry family member grabbing some Zz’s all the time. They’re just so cute when they’re curled up, happily chasing pretend bunnies in dreamland, right?

We think it’s perfectly fair to pamper them with their own cuddly, cozy bed – so we made one! Our own dogs have tested these pawdorable mini dog beds and good golly gosh do they LOVE them. Our pups immediately cuddled into these beds and just didn’t seem to want to get up after snuggling in. Totally made our hearts melt to see how comfy they were in a mini bed with a mini pillow and blanket…


Comes with plush bed frame, little pillow with paw heart design, soft blanket with paw heart design, and mini “mattress”.
Plush bed frame features a velcro label with embroidered iHeartDogs logo.


Machine washable on delicate cycle, cold
Air dry or tumble dry low
Do not bleach

For best results remove foam from head board and stuffing from bed frame lining and pillow casings using zippers to access.
Bed frame zippers are located along the seams of the inside frame.


Material: 100% Polyester
Fill: Synthetic fiber

Outside Measurements :
7″ in height (sides ) , 11 1/2 ” in height Headboard x 20″ in width x 24″ in length
Inside Measurements : 14 1/2 ” width x 22 ” length
Blanket size : 17″ wide x 35″ length
Pillow : 2 1/2″ height x 7 ” width x 11 ” length

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No comment entered by customer. By: Michelle


Great little snuggly bed with pillow and blanket. My toy Pomeranian Loves it! By: Dawn


As soon as I took the bed out of the box, my precious Sumo jumped in. He loves it, and so do I. It is well made. By: Samantha