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Project Play Wunderball: Get a Toy, Give a Toy to Shelter Dog In Need!


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Did you know that when someone is considering adopting from a shelter, a dog’s perceived playfulness is one of the top 3 most important factors?

However, what happens when a dog is locked up in a kennel all day? They’re bored and they’re scared. This leads to anxiety, which can even manifest itself as aggression. Long story short, lonely, bored dogs are not adopted at high rates, and as a result, many are euthanized.

Knowing how important playfulness is to potential adopters, we asked ourselves how can we increase adoption at the shelters we already provide food for? We talked to shelter workers and they told us about the need for high quality, durable toys for the dogs.

When shelter dogs are seen playing with toys, adoption rates skyrocket!

Adopters begin to imagine playing fetch with the dog in their yard. They imagine their children enjoying the company of their new pet. In a nutshell, play changes everything!

Knowing this, we got to work, and came up with Project Play. For every toy you purchase for your dog, a toy will be donated to a shelter dog in need. And not just any junk toy, but a high quality, durable toy that’s perfect for large breeds at most shelters.

About the Wunderball

This is a ball unlike anything your dog has ever experienced! It features a Wacky Unpredictable bouncing action that dogs just love.  It’s made from 100% Natural Rubber so it’s Safe for your Pup and the Planet. Check it out today – Fetch will never be the same again!

  • Wacky Unpredictable bouncing action that dogs go nuts for
  • Irregular surface creates the perfect surface for massaging teeth and gums. Helps keep teeth clean and plaque free!
  • Made from 100% Natural Rubber so it’s Safe for your Pup and the Planet
  • When punctured, the elasticity of the rubber returns to its natural state closing up around any holes.
  • Proudly made by hand in North America
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Floats for water play time fun!

NOTE: While this toy is extremely durable, it is intended as a fetch toy and not a chew toy that a dog should be left alone with. Always use caution and supervise your dog, especially with new toys. This toy does not squeak.

This product provides 1 Dog Toy
for a Shelter In Need - Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


This is a cool ball. Dogs love chasing it and not knowing where it's going. By: Linda


Doesn’t do much really inside the house because of the rags but it does work on the tile in the bathroom in the kitchen and when I play with her outside with it. By: christina


Great toy - our dog loves it! By: Cynthia


Her absolute favorite toy! By: Shelby


No comment entered by customer. By: Kris


Loved it! By: Fernanda


Loved it! By: Fernanda


My dog can't live without it By: Ana


Best toy ever. By: Carol


No comment entered by customer. By: Linda


No comment entered by customer. By: Kerrianne


Excellent ball that I’m not finding pieces everywhere to!! I love it! By: Bradley


My dog did not like it but the neighbor dog loved it. By: DANA


Great product...although if you have a chewer, ball is not indestructible as I thought. Type of toy that is a treat and needs putting away after play. Nom-toxic! By: Kathy


No comment entered by customer. By: gary


No comment entered by customer. By: Elaine


My pup LOVES the Wunderball! We also tried it out at the lake by throwing it off the dock, and it floats well. Very happy with our purchase! By: Elizabeth


No comment entered by customer. By: Julie


Indestructible! I go through a bundle of tennis balls with my 3 fur babies. This ball is working great and is definitely better for their teeth. Love it. By: Brenda


Have ordered these twice and both dogs LOVE them! One ball is over a year old and still in great condition. By: Shelly


His favorite toy and pretty indestructible and Tank can destroy just about any toy in seconds. By: Tricia


Big hit with the dogs in my house. By: Vicci


This is the ball I toss for my labdane and lab for play. I purposely bounce it so they are have to pay attention to which way it goes. They LOVE it By: Deb


Our dogs loved the balls. By: Diane


My dog, Rose loves these Wunder Balls. She and my granddoggie fight over the only one we had, so I ordered two more. Pretty indistructable with two Pitties chewing on them! By: Laura


Great toy By: Shawn


My dog loves these balls! By: JEAN


My dog loves the ball. By: Theresa


Love the product By: Robert John


He loves this ball. Only problem is I have to take it away from him after play because he starts attempting to take it apart. By: Sae Ron

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