Santa Paws Snow Globe Lighted Water Lantern with Swirling Glitter – Dog Christmas Decorations – Helps Feed 10 Dogs In Need

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Let love light the way this holiday season with our exclusive iHeartDogs Santa Paws Christmas Lighted Water Lantern Swirling Snow Globe Glitter. Your heart belongs to your rescue pup, and this handcrafted collectible was made to celebrate their magic with a classic Christmas scene. And for an extra special touch, we’ve combined a lighted lantern with a glittery snow globe. This beautiful keepsake is a must-have for holiday decor collectors who love dogs and dog Christmas decorations. 

Celebrate the magic of Santa Paws and rescue dogs with this handcrafted iHeartDogs keepsake. Inside the lantern, the jolly old elf hears the Christmas wishes of three sweet rescue pups, and all they want this holiday season is a forever home! And furthering the cuteness of the scene, Santa and his furry friends are surrounded by an incredibly detailed and colorful wonderland with a fully-decorated tree, a bag of toys, and candy cane poles holding a Santa Paws banner. And take a closer look at those cute pups; they’re adorable right down to their doggy smiles and Christmas scarves. 

And when the evening falls, cuddle up with your pup and enjoy the glow of your Christmas tree and this lovely snowglobe lantern. With a quick flip of the switch, watch as Santa and his furry friends are bathed in warm light as the glitter swirls around them. And there’s no shaking needed because this Christmas lantern also features an airflow mechanism to make the glitter dance all on its own! It’s everything you could want in dog-themed holiday decor. 

And in the spirit of giving, your purchase of this collectible Christmas keepsake provides 10 hungry dogs with a hearty meal!   

  • iHeartDogs Original - Like you, the talented artists at iHD understand the perfection of dogs. So in creating this detailed lantern, they let their heart influence the design, and the love certainly shows. 
  • LED Spotlight - By simply inserting 3 AA batteries and turning the switch on, you’ll bathe the heartwarming holiday scene in glowing warmth. 
  • No Shaking Needed - Our exclusive lantern is built with an airflow feature so the glitter will whirl and dance without a shake. You can just sit back and enjoy the show! 
  • Collectible They’ll Love - If you know a dog lover who delights in collecting holiday decor, then look no further for the perfect Christmas gift! They’ll cherish it for seasons to come.
  • Give Back - For every lantern purchased, we’ll donate 10 meals to shelter dogs.


Dog Christmas Snow Globe Lantern

Automatic Swirling Snow Globe

  • Size - 8” W x 5” W x 3.75” D 
  • Material - Metal, acrylic figurines, glass, liquid (water), LED electronic light 
  • Directions for Use - On/Off switch; requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Frequently Ask Questions

If you know someone who loves dogs, get them this charming snow globe lamp to make the holiday season even better. Watch as Santa, and his furry buddies are illuminated in a warm glow as glitter flutters around them at the flick of a switch. This Christmas lantern has a built-in airflow system that makes the glitter dance without the need for shaking, making it the perfect present.

Where To Buy Dog Snow Globes?

At iHeartDogs, you can find a wide selection of dog snow globes and cats globes for sale. You can also find an adorable option at Orvis featuring a dog, bird, and trees too, along with a couple of other options. Amazon offers a decent selection too.

Where To Buy Automatic Swirling Snow Globes?

The iHeartDogs Automatic Swirling Dog Snow Globe was created to honor the spirit of Santa Paws and rescued dogs. There are three adorable rescue dogs within the lantern, and all they want for Christmas is a loving family to adopt them. To add to the sweetness of the setting, a fully decorated tree, a bag of presents, and candy cane poles bearing a Santa Paws banner add to the adorable scene.

While you can buy snow globes at other places, even ones featuring dogs, ours I the only one that donates meals with your purchase! Every purchase We will provide 20 meals to dogs residing in shelters for every lantern that is sold. This is the gift that understands the spirit of giving, making it the perfect Holiday gift for dog lovers.

What Country Are Most Dog Snow Globe Lanterns Made?

Though formerly widely collected, snow globes went out of favor in the 1970s when they became synonymous with kitsch. However, in recent decades, they have undergone a transformation that has made them increasingly desirable among designers and collectors. Many snow globe parts come from different parts of Asia, although many are made right here in the United States, along with in many other countries.

How To Change The Water In The Dog Snow Globe?

Make a workspace by putting out some old towels on a level area. Put a hand towel in the center of your workspace in the shape of a donut around the snow globe. Carefully take out the plug from the snow globe's base. The snow globe's glass top should be positioned within the doughnut-shaped towel.

Wait five to ten minutes or until the snow and glitter in the snow globe have settled to the top of the glass. Next, you may empty the water from the snow globe into the sink by using a turkey baster or other suction device until only a thin layer sits at the bottom with the snow. Next, submerge the glitter in rubbing alcohol applied with an eye dropper.

Using a turkey baster, carefully pick up the globe, swirl the alcohol around within, and drain it until just the glitter and snow remain. Pour some distilled water into a glass and add some alcohol to it until you get a 50/50 mixture. Put the mixture back into your snow globe using the turkey baster. Reconnect the plug to the globe by either gluing it or screwing it in.

How Do You Store The Dog Snow Globe Lantern?

Putting your snow globe in a box that will not shake is a crucial step in keeping it in pristine condition. To protect your snow globes in the absence of their original packaging, look for a box of comparable dimensions and line it with bubble wrap. Your snow globe must be able to fit snugly within the packaging provided.

Once you put away your snow globe, you should not be able to move it about too much to ensure its safety. Seal the top of the box with tape to prevent any movement at all. Snow globes require special temperature-controlled storage because of their special solution.

Temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal, but any temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold will do. Keep your snow globe out of the basement or attic since these areas can reach dangerously low or high temperatures, depending on the time of year. Instead, keep your snow globe in a cool, dry spot like a closet or a storage unit with climate control.

Do The Dog Christmas Snow Globes Freeze?

Yes, the globe can freeze and crack if the liquid within is water. Therefore, many snow domes and globes sold in the United States are really produced with a mixture of water and antifreeze. A few companies that make snow globes in the United States do not use anti-freeze but rather a high-quality liquid that does not freeze until temperatures drop to 45 degrees below zero, is transparent, and is safe for human consumption. On the other hand, American-made globes will not freeze during transport or usage since they do not rely only on water.

In extremely low temperatures, a snow globe with antifreeze inside can keep its contents from freezing for up to six hours. However, we have witnessed them freezing previously; therefore, extra care should be used during delivery in such conditions. In extremely low temperatures, a snow globe with antifreeze inside can keep its contents from freezing for up to six hours.

What Are The Dog Snow Globes Lanterns Filled With?

The Dog Snow Globe Lanterns are filled with water and fake snow. They can freeze, and you should plan to bring them inside as soon as they arrive.

How Long Do Automatic Swirling Snow Globes Last?

Battery-operated snow globes can only be used inside, and its energy-saving timer ensures that it turns off after 6 hours to preserve its batteries. They can last for several years with proper care, although you may need to clean them out at some point. Batteries will need to be replaced more often for the most effectiveness.

Is An Automatic Swirling Dog Snow Globe A Good Gift?

You cannot go wrong with a snow globe for Christmas as a gift for your loved ones. Dog lovers who want to contribute back to the canine community will love options that also donate to animals in need, such as meals. Give some thought to the receiver's likes and dislikes when you shop for a present.

Some people love to display festive colors and tons of Santa-themed items. Others have a dedicated theme and want specific items as Christmas decor. Take a look around their home and notice the colors and themes before purchasing. Children often love snow globes as a gift as they adore bright colors and the movement of the snow. If you see a friend, co-worker, or family member collects snow globes, then it's a safe bet they will love one for the holidays featuring their favorite animal.

How To Display Snow Globes?

The snow globes may be seen more clearly on an open shelf, but they may be damaged if they are accidentally knocked over. A curio cabinet will better protect them but less easily enjoyed. Also, coffee tables can serve as the perfect place unless their children, dogs, or cats are likely to knock them off. If you have a fireplace mantle, these are often the best place to put a snow globe to prevent damage or falling.

Make sure the chosen display stand does not wobble. Snow globes are more likely to shatter if they are placed on an unsteady shelf that can not bear their weight. To test for instability, shake the shelf or stand. You may test its strength by pressing down on it. Make sure a wall shelf is safely fastened to the wall if you plan on utilizing it.


Anastasia 12/15/2022

I love that when this is turned on it has constant movement of snow. No need to shake like a typical snow globe.

David 12/08/2022

Got multi compliments on this one

Deborah 12/01/2022

These are so beautiful

Judy 11/27/2022

This is well made and works great in my living room.

Jennifer 11/27/2022

My grandson is in awe! Beautiful and well crafted!