SPARTAN DEFIANCE BRACELET: Helps Pair Veterans With A Service Dog Or Shelter Dog

20% of Proceeds Are Donated To Help Pair Veterans with Shelter or Service Dogs


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Defiantly staring into the abyss, knowing Death is calling, the true warrior rolls his eyes and dismissively mutters, “Get in line.” Spartan warriors were known for just this type of attitude that some might call arrogance. But to those trained in the ways of war, this was confidence inspired by a longstanding tradition of warriors that were born, bred and trained for battle.While Hollywood made them famous, Spartans were infamous throughout Greece and the world for their superior strategy and tactics on the battlefield. Spartan warrior training began at birth with the selection of only the strongest male infants. Then, at the age of seven, children were removed from their homes and entered the “agoge,” where they began rigorous, unforgiving training that molded them into skilled warriors. Through discipline, hardship and an undying loyalty to Sparta, they developed into a dominant fighting force.

Our Spartan Defiance Bracelet symbolizes the strength, wisdom and skill of the Spartan warrior. Encircling the bracelet are metal beads representative of the Spartan shields – often held side-by-side as the Spartans, standing shoulder to shoulder, formed the impenetrable phalanx. On the ends of the bracelet are spear tips like those found on the formidable dory that the Spartan heavy infantry carried. Wooden beds with a reddish hue represent the cloak that all Spartan soldiers were issued. Finally, centered on the bracelet, a stainless steel bead embossed with the phrase  ΜΟΛΏΝ ΛΑΒΕ , the famously defiant response of King Leonidas replying to the demand of King Xerxes to have Leonidas’ army lay down their arms.Within you lives the heart of a warrior. Much like the Spartan, you are driven. Giving up is not an option. Never Retreat. Never Surrender. While faced with adversity and hardship, you rely on the fire that burns inside your soul. Others would take what’s yours, demanding you give in or give up. To them you say, “ΜΟΛΏΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

More important than what this item can do for you is what it does for veterans. For some vets, survival is an everyday struggle, whether they are struggling with physical injuries or PTSD. Getting a service dog can literally save their life, offering them a loving bond, lifesaving hope and assistance. This item helps fund service and companion dogs for veterans in need.

Length: Adjustable from 7 1/2” to 9 1/2”


  • Zinc Alloy 
  • Maple Wood
  • Wax Cord