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Rescue Report ID: 80900124
Name: Chanel
Breed: Persian/British Shorthair
Age: 3 years, 4 months
Color: Champagne 

Comments: From the streets to the runways, my life has changed so much since I was rescued. I used to never worry if my nails were done, and now, you’ll never see me without the purrfect pawdicure! In fact, it’s time to hit the nail studio for the hottest holiday colors. We should go together! Afterward, we’ll grab some festive hot cocoa and head to your house for a Christmas fashion show! I’ll just know we’ll be besties furever!  


For glamor pusses, life on the street means no one to brush their fur or filter their water. It’s just not the aesthetic a kitty influencer needs! But you can help felines find their laps of luxury by simply decking your halls with the Warm Hearts, Full Bellies Ornaments Collection. This adorable collectible gives cats like Chanel the opportunity to find the gift of a good home. You can be the Christmas miracle these homeless cats desperately need. 

  • Pawliday Style - Ready to nibble her candy cane while looking absolutely purrfect in her leopard-print scarf and hat, Chanel will be the highlight of your holiday decor. 
  • Non-Breakable - Made of soft material, curious paws won’t break this ornament if it gets knocked off the tree. 
  • Great Gift Giving - These adorable ornaments not only make perfect gifts for cat lovers, but when you purchase one, you're also giving cats in need the gift of a full belly, too! 
  • Give Back - For every cat from the Warm Hearts, Full Bellies Ornaments Collection that finds a home this holiday season, we’ll donate 10 meals to shelter cats in need.

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  • Materials - 95% polyester/ 5% resin 
  • Size - 4” Tall