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Rescue Report ID: 42475531

Name: Dexter “Dex” McReadsworth
Age: 9 Year 2 Months
Color: White/Brown

Hi, My name is Dexter McReadsworth (but you can just call me “Dex” )

Do you like to read? Me too. I love books. All types. But I don’t get to read much in the shelter. Unfortunately, libraries aren’t big here. But what I really want is for you to read to me. I’ll curl up on your lap or even at your feet and listen to you read for hours. Poetry, fiction or even fantasy…all I really care about is that I can share my time with you. That would be a dream come true. Just like in the books.

Your purchase of this ornament provides 10 full bellies to shelter dogs like Dexter as do all the ornaments in our Warm Hearts ❤️ Full Bellies Collection

Material: 98% polyester, 13% , 2% resin
Measurement: 4″ Tall


Michele 11/10/2021

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Maria 10/28/2021

My grandkids loved it. It’s cute & perfect for the tree!

Beverly 10/24/2021

Can't get any cuter than this!

Margo 10/23/2021

My son and daughter in law have a Lab named Dexter Morgan. This is going to be a Christmas gift.

Grace 10/22/2021

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