Protective Doggie Sibling Steps-In To Stop Tiny Puppy From Being Scolded

Nothing quite compares to the puppy stage. Not only are puppies extremely adorable, but they have a talent for keeping us on our toes. Their high energy, infinite curiosity, and compulsion to chew set them up to be in situations that warrant scolding. 

That’s exactly what started to play out for a tiny puppy who may have chewed something up, but his older brother stepped in and stopped the admonishment.


The video of an older sibling stepping in to protect his puppy brother is spreading smiles all across the internet. The viral video caused such a stir that it was even featured on Good Morning America! The short clip begins with a close-up of a chewed-up puppy pee pad. The videographer asks, “Who did this right here?” and then pans over to the two possible puppy perpetrators.

First, he points to the larger of the pups, and asks, “You?” Then, while pointing, he accuses the tiny puppy, sitting on the left. “Or you? You did it huh?” But just as he begins to say, “You’re bad,” the adorable dog on the right, jumps up and pushes down his hand. He even punctuates it with a bark, some whimpering sounds, and a growl.

It’s almost as if he’s saying, “He’s only a puppy! He doesn’t know the ropes just yet.” In the background, you can also hear a bit of laughter. So it’s obvious that whomever is in the room is amused by the older dog’s antics. It makes us wonder whether or not this was unexpected behavior, or a role their dog has stepped-into since they adopted the tiny puppy. 

It’s also obvious by the videographer’s tone that he’s not actually very angry. So seeing an older, protective sibling step-in, and come to the dog’s defense is even more adorable. Even a playful tone elicited a “paternal” reaction.

Protective Pup

Social media users all across the internet agree that this is such a sweet moment between siblings. There are tons of comments on the video that express similar sentiments. 

“This is so wholesome that my tiny heart can barely handle it,” read one of the many comments.

Puppies are professionals at getting into mischief. Plus, their boundless energy is exceptional for keeping life interesting. But don’t blink, the puppy stage may be exceptionally adorable and extremely exhausting, but it’s over in practically an instant. You can check out the viral video, below.

Featured Image: Youtube 

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