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Rescue Dog Has Predicted The Winners Of Each NFL Playoff Game With 100% Accuracy


They say that dogs have a sixth sense, and this pup’s supernatural gift seems to be focused on football.

When Yowie’s human, Jeffrey Smee, adopted her from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association, he had no idea that she possessed a unique gift: predicting the outcomes of professional sports games!

But this year, her special talent has been uncovered. When presented with two bowls before each playoff game, each representing a rival football team, the clairvoyant canine has chosen the treat from the winning team’s bowl with 100% accuracy. 

“I‘ve been posting videos of my dog’s playoff predictions before each game this year,” Smee told iHeartDogs. “As much as I hate to see the Steelers lose (I’m from Pittsburgh), with this last playoff game over, my dog Yowie is now officially 10 for 10 in her prediction videos.”

Take a look at this compilation video of all the pup’s predictions:

You have to admit, that’s pretty incredible! Stay tuned to Smee’s Youtube channel to catch Yowie’s Superbowl winner prediction. If you’re planning on placing a bet, it may be wise to pick the same team as this impressive pooch!

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