Ricky Gervais Forgets All About Promoting His New DVD When He Spots A Dog

Ricky Gervais is a hilarious actor/comedian, as well as an extremely outspoken animal lover and advocate.

He recently paid a visit to Britain’s This Morning with Phillip & Holly to promote his new DVD and upcoming stand-up tour, but he lost all focus when he caught a glimpse of a dog named Luna just off set.

Image Credit: YouTube/This Morning


Host Phillip Schofield tried to regain Gervais’ attention by asking “Would you like to do your intro now?” to which Gervais responded “I don’t really because I’ve just seen a dog.”

As a show assistant walked Luna on to the set for a visit he fired off a half-hearted plug:

“I’ve got a DVD out, go and buy it, here’s the dog.”

Gervais told the hosts that he does not have a dog of his own because he feels that his constant travel would make it unfair to the pup. He is however a cat dad to an adorable Siamese named Ollie.

Finally, with Luna by his side, Gervais did what he came to do and introduced a clip from his new DVD, David Brent: Life on the Road. Now that’s a true dog person!

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