Rob Gronkowski’s Frenchie Puppy Takes Over Football Broadcast

The only thing that can distract dedicated fans from an intense game of football is a puppy! Rob Gronkowski, the tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made an appearance from his home during ESPN’s alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast. While many people were thrilled to see the famous player, they became even more excited when his dog appeared on the screen.

Ralphie, the French Bulldog, jumped into view for a few seconds, and it became the highlight of the show. Now, the Frenchie puppy’s Instagram account is overflowing with followers. Everyone seems to love him more than sports!

Couple with French Bulldog Puppy

Ralphie Steals the Show

During the video, Ralphie begins barking at Gronkowski, interrupting his conversation with famous quarterback brothers Eli and Peyton Manning. After a few barks, Gronkowski announces that his dog is barking in the background, so he picks up the tiny Frenchie and shows him off to the world. He introduces him, which immediately causes viewers to fall in love.

Gronkowski joked that Ralphie is a “fullback,” which is his way of making fun of Peyton for disliking the position. He joked that Peyton always whines when a fullback comes into the game. Peyton laughs in response, saying that it’s nice to meet Ralphie. Then, Gronkowski sets Ralphie back down and lets him do his own thing.

French Bulldog Puppy

However, Ralphie’s surprise appearance was no shock to Gronkowski or his girlfriend Camille Kostek. They say that Ralphie is always a clingy pup. They brought him home in February 2021, and he always tries to steal their attention as much as possible. Kostek even joked that he sometimes interrupts intimate moments between them.

“Listen, animals are people’s shadows. All Frenchie owners who are listening will know, they are your shadow. They do not leave at all!” said Kostek.

Rob Gronkowski with Girlfriend and Dog

Instagram Famous Frenchie

Ralphie even has his own Instagram page so people can follow him after his adorable guest appearance. He currently has over 50,000 followers, and that number continues to grow. It’s impossible to resist his cute puppy face!

“Hi folks I’m Ralphie Gronkowski. I like to take long naps, chew everything in sight, snuggle, and get the zoomies …. a lot,” ‘Ralphie’ posted when starting his Instagram page.

Cute Frenchie Face

Ralphie might not know anything about football, but he sure knows how to make an audience smile. Hopefully, Gronkowski will invite his beloved puppy back for another chance in the spotlight. Or perhaps Ralphie will steal the show on his own yet again.

Watch Ralphie Take Over the Game Here:

Featured Image: Instagram

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