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A Secret Weapon for Fighting Deadly Plaque in Dogs Might Be in Your Kitchen Cupboard

The oral health of our beloved dogs is suddenly in the spotlight, and for good reason: it turns out that a myriad of painful, even fatal issues and diseases can be prevented simply by helping our dogs maintain good oral hygiene.

Keeping their teeth free of plaque and tartar is an essential part of their well-being, and regular brushing, as well as teeth-cleaning chews, all help to keep the gunk at bay. But while some of the tools needed may require a trip to the pet store, there is one secret weapon that you may be able to find right in your kitchen cupboard!

As it turns out, coconut oil can help keep your dog’s mouth squeaky-clean. According to PetMD, you can put a blob on a soft toothbrush to gently brush your pup’s teeth. In addition to being naturally anti-bacterial, this all-natural “toothpaste” also works to freshen your buddy’s breath. Coconut oil is also good for gums, so by using it to clean your dog’s teeth, or even as a super-powered treat, your pooch can get an all-around boost of healthy benefits.

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t always easy, but with patience, consistency, and the right tools, these healthy habits can contribute to her long, happy life. Giving your dog a dose of delicious-tasting coconut oil may be the easiest part of her oral hygiene routine!

Turns out you don’t have any coconut oil in your cabinet? Or do you want to set aside a jar just for your pup? Try our new Organic Virgin Coconut Oil!

Project Paws® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil works great as a toothpaste, plus it provides wholesome nourishment for your pup’s skin and coat! It’s also the only coconut oil on the market that provides healthy meals for shelter dogs through each purchase.

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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