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Service dog stays with girl during surgery

He’s a critical member of Kaelyn Krawczyk’s medical team. He’s an alarm system with a heartbeat…and gives lots of kisses. His name is JJ and he was found in a shelter.6cd2cd40-4bc3-0131-1fc4-06107a921082

Imagine for one moment you’re an anonymous four-legged member of the animal kingdom, sitting lost and alone in a shelter and the next moment you’re picked up and carried to a medical center where you learn how to detect a change in a human’s condition to the point of averting danger—even death—and you become a contributing member of a medical team!

How does this happen?

Kaelyn can thank Dr. Brad Taicher, the anesthesiologist who found JJ and tested the idea that a dog’s sense of smell is almost infallible. Taking that a step further, after a number of experiments, he learned how to convert this talent into an alarm system. When Kaelyn’s medical problem (extreme allergic reactions) first appears, JJ warns her parents to use the antidote immediately before it becomes life-threatening.

What a precious treasure! So now Kaelyn was going in for surgery at Duke Medical Center and couldn't possibly leave JJ behind could she? Well, he couldn't really be in the operating room, so he did the same routine as when Kaelyn was in allergic arrest: stood up and made a series of whirling movements as Kaelyn was anesthetized and again as she was being awakened. All went as planned and once more JJ and Kaelyn are inseparable as friends, nurse and patient. “It sounds silly, in this age of technology, when we have millions of dollars-worth of equipment beeping around me, that we had a little dog who was more sensitive than all the machines,” Dr. Brad Taicher, Kaelyn’s anesthesiologist. Doesn't sound silly to those of us who know what miracles our canine friends are. It sounds as though they have a purpose beyond being adorable, don't you think?

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Article Source: FoxNews Photo Source: Bustle

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Written by Elaina Sowers
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