Old Smelly Dog That Cost $30,000 Can’t Find A Home, But Man Thinks He’s Perfect

A unique-looking Pit Bull named Sherman waited for his forever home at a dog rescue event. When a couple came through and first saw Sherman, they were in awe. His future dad explains in the video that he was smelly, had a huge head, one eyeball bulged, and his ears were basically cut off.

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The dog was a bit of a mess but he won the couple over when he leaned into Heath and showed him how desperate he was for love. Heath couldn’t leave him there. The couple agreed to foster Sherman until he was healthy enough to go to a forever home.

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On Sherman’s first night, Heath took him for a walk at dusk. Sherman couldn’t see well and bumped into Heath’s leg. The dog fearfully squealed. He thought this was the start of a beating. The dog carried so much trauma that it broke Heath’s heart. Heath kneeled down, held Sherman’s face in his hands, and told him: “It’s okay, buddy. Nobody will ever hurt you again.”


It then dawned on Heath that there was no way he could part with Sherman. Not after all he had been through. The couple agreed they would pay for all his medical expenses, which amounted to nearly $30,000! But they would do whatever they had to in order to give Sherman a happily ever after.

Screenshot via YouTube

It was inevitable, Sherman’s age and health caught up with him, but not before the “smelly old dog” was given a wonderful life. Thank you to Sherman’s family for all that you did for this beautiful boy! Spread the word that senior dogs, especially those that are hard to place, deserve loving homes too!

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