Sir Patrick Stewart and Wife Sunny Ozell Rescue Their 3rd Pit Bull

Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell are passionate about pit bulls. They made a goal to foster three of them during this season’s filming of Picard and in bringing Ella home, they have met that goal.

The compassionate couple suffered a huge loss on this journey when fostering a senior pittie named Lenny. He heartbreakingly passed away just days after they welcomed him into their home. They are finding comfort in companionship with their new fosters and bringing awareness to the sweet side of pit bulls, who are often misunderstood and mischaracterized in the media.

Sunny is clearly smitten with Ella already, saying on Instagram that she has taken to calling her Ella Bella Cinderella because she is such a “pretty princess.” Like countless other pitties, she enjoys snuggling up on the couch under the comfort of a cozy blanket.

Stewart and Ozell work with the rescue group Wags and Walks in fostering these wonderful pups. Based in Los Angeles, the group rescues family-friendly dogs and works to find them foster and forever homes. They rely on donations to keep things running as well as fundraising through various events. Tickets are on sale now for their 9th annual Wags & Walks Benefit Gala in October. The star-studded event will be hosted by the fabulous Judy Greer and Sir Patrick and Sunny will be special guests.

Emma is one of their fosters and steals hearts with her black and white coat and loving eyes. Stewart was going over his rehearsal notes for Picard and it seemed that Emma wanted to get some inside information. Stewart kept things under wraps, even though it was surely difficult to resist that sweet face.

Further evidence that pitties are true the best snuggle buddies, here Sir Patrick settles down for an afternoon nap with Emma. He assured everyone that it was her snoring, not him.

Sir Patrick and Sunny do not limit their advocacy and support to Wags & Walks alone. Stewart leveraged his social media platform to promote Orson, a big brown beauty that was being sheltered at the ASPCA after being rescued from a fighting ring.

As part of the couple’s advocacy, they are bringing awareness to the misguided governmental regulations occurring in the UK. There was recently a parliamentary hearing with the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee to discuss ending breed-specific legislation. Stewart brought attention to a petition for the cause on his Instagram page.

We are thrilled to see this power couple opening their homes and hearts to another pittie in need. With their support, more families will find that like all dogs, pit bulls make wonderful family pets with the proper treatment and care.

Featured Image: Sir Patrick Stewart Instagram


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