Dog ‘Mesmerized’ By Sledders On Mountain Decided To Invent Her Own Skiing

On a snowy day, many dogs take pleasure in playing outside and letting their inner puppy out. For some, this means running around happily in the powdery white stuff, while others are delighted by different activities – such as Layla! Accompanied by her mom, this adorable mutt was having loads of fun with her very chewed-up frisbee until she spotted someone sledding. Immediately captivated by it, Layla couldn’t help but stare mesmerized at the sight before her.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble Viral – YouTube


“Go sledding!” her owner encourages from the background. However, Layla is too busy chasing after the frisbee to pay attention. But when she notices a group of people sliding down an icy hill on an odd contraption, something about it piques her curiosity and causes her to freeze in place. With further inspection comes a newfound fascination – one that must be explored by experiencing it firsthand! At this moment, she has made up her mind: She’s going sledding today no matter what.


Layla’s plan is set in motion as quickly as it was conceived. She put her frisbee on the snow and placed her front paws atop it, replicating a sledder’s stance! Her determination and ferocity are inspiring to witness; she has found a way to integrate her own canine tactics into sledding down this hillside. Layla is truly an intelligent pup who can think outside the box and execute ideas with immediate results!


Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble Viral – YouTube


You’re going to love to see Layla in action. Click the video below and be sure to turn up the volume!


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