Soccer Player Alex Morgan Helps Senior Dogs Get Adopted

Soccer player Alex Morgan knows firsthand how important dog adoption is. Her two furry friends, Kona and Blue, are rescues. So, now that November is “National Adopt a Senior Pet Month,” Morgan is eager to make a difference.

Morgan has teamed up with Stella & Chewy’s to help get as many senior dogs adopted as possible. They hope by spreading awareness and helping cover fees, more older dogs will finally go home after their long stays at shelters. After all, they deserve forever families just as much as any other dog.

Alex Morgan Dog Food
Image: @AlexMorganSoccer/Facebook

Giving Back to Dogs in Need

Throughout the month of November, Morgan and Stella & Chewy’s are covering the costs of senior dog adoption fees. Any dog over 7 years old adopted in the United States or Canada can be included. You will also receive a $40 voucher for Stella & Chewy’s products when you adopt a senior dog. That’s because this dog food company and Morgan both know how important dog adoption is.

“Pet adoption is very important to me as both my dogs, Kona and Blue, were rescued from animal shelters and I couldn’t imagine life without them,” Morgan said. “Together with Stella & Chewy’s, I hope we can make as many pet adoptions happen, as so many more dogs and cats need and deserve a loving home. Believe me, you won’t regret giving a shelter pet a second chance!”

Alex Morgan Walking Dogs
Image: @AlexMorganSoccer/Facebook

In fact, Stella & Chewy’s entire business started because of two senior rescue dogs. So, they feel it’s important to show others the beauty of adopting an older dog.

“Stella & Chewy’s has long placed a focus on senior pet adoption, and by covering adoption fees this month, we hope more people feel encouraged to welcome a senior pet into their world,” said Marie Moody, the founder of Stella & Chewy’s. “My dogs Stella and Chewy — the inspiration behind our company — were both senior rescues, so I know firsthand how much love and companionship they can bring to a family.”

Senior rescue dog
Image: @stellaandchewys/Facebook

Adopt a Senior Dog!

This is Stella & Chewy’s second year participating in this National Adopt a Senior Pet Month initiative, and they’re happy to have Morgan there to help them. Last year, they found homes for over 370 animals in need. But with Morgan’s help, they believe that they can get even more senior dogs adopted.

During this initiative, you can also make a difference simply by purchasing Stella & Chewy’s products. Every time you buy a Stella & Chewy’s product in November, $1 will be donated to senior dogs in need. At select pet stores, whenever you buy a Stella & Chewy’s product, the store will give you a paw print to write your dog’s name on. Then, they’ll hang the paw prints around the store to showcase all the dog parents who support the company’s mission of saving senior dogs.

Alex Morgan paw print
Image: @AlexMorganSoccer/Facebook

Are you planning to bring home a senior dog this month? Submit your adoption forms on the Stella & Chewy’s website to get your adoption fee reimbursed and to get dog food coupons. Best of all, you’ll be saving an older dog’s life and giving them the home they deserve!

Featured Image: @stellaandchewys/Facebook and @AlexMorganSoccer/Facebook

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