Soccer Star Offers $30,000 Reward For Return Of Lost Dog Then Refuses To Pay

It’s common for people to offer a reward for their lost dog. Even though most people turn down the money in the end, it’s still a good way to help your dog come home. But rewards are in place for a reason, so they should be honored if needed.

Liverpool soccer star Daniel Sturridge lost his Pomeranian named Lucci in 2019. A local rapper claimed to be the one who found the dog, but he said he never received the promised reward money. So, he went to court to receive the tens of thousands of dollars that Sturridge owed him.

Daniel Sturridge with Pomeranian

Paying Whatever it Takes

In July 2019, someone broke into Sturridge’s home and stole Lucci, along with some bags. At the time, Sturridge said he would “pay whatever” to get his dog back. He listed £22,400 (about $30,000) as the reward.

Foster Washington, also known by stage name Killa Fame, claims to be the one who found and returned Lucci. He said he found Lucci on a street corner, and he planned to give the pup as a gift to his friend’s child. But when he realized that the Pomeranian looked just like Sturridge’s missing dog, he reached out to the soccer player.

Lost dog Twitter post

Washington posted photos of Lucci and tagged Sturridge in them to confirm that they were the same dog. He claims that when he returned the dog, Sturridge said there was no reward money. Yet, Washington was determined to get the money he’s owed, so he went to court.

“I don’t see how I’m a bad guy by expecting him to honor this reward,” said Washington. “Thirty thousand dollars is a lot of money. For anybody, that’s a life-changing amount of money.”

Pomeranian sitting outside

Conflicting Stories

However, Sturridge has a different story about what happened when Lucci was returned. He never acknowledged Washington, but instead, he posted about how a kid returned the lost dog.

“Just to let you know the truth on Xmas! I met a young boy who found my dog and paid him a reward which he was delighted with as was I to get my dog back because he was stolen,” Sturridge wrote.

Soccer player holding Pomeranian

Sturridge also claimed that he has photos and videos of the day the dog was returned, but he hasn’t posted any of them. He says that other people are trying to benefit from personal gain, which is likely referencing Washington.

After more than a year, Judge Curtis Kin ordered Sturridge to pay Washington the $30,000 reward. The judgment was made by default since Sturridge never responded to the complaint. It’s unclear who’s telling the truth in this scenario, but at least Lucci is safe and sound in his home.

Pomeranian close up

Featured Image: Instagram

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