‘Star Wars’ Actors Mark Hamill And Adam Driver Helped Find A Lost Dog

Look, I’m not ashamed to admit I tear up just seeing a “Lost Dog” flyer on a street light. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to be the person who had to hang up the signs! Of course, those signs really can be a helpful tactic in locating missing animals. Another helpful tactic is sharing the pup’s information with millions of people online.

The Last Jedi‘ stars Mark Hamill (or “Luke Skywalker” as you might know him) and Adam Driver (aka “Kylo Ren”) used their star power (pun not intended I swear) this way in October to reunite a lost dog with its person.

While shooting a new movie in Belgium, Driver told The Hollywood Reporter director Leo Carax’s dog went missing. The cast and crew couldn’t stand for that.

“Everyone was distraught. I have a dog. And sets mold into family really quickly, and that extends to their family as well.”

The dog, Javelot, is 9-years-old. He’s also a third generation family member to Carax who had both Javelot’s dad and granddad.

Screenshot, @HamillHimself/Twitter

Driver recorded a video (that is, someone recorded a video of him) standing in front of Javelot’s “Lost Dog” poster in Brussels Parc Royal. He explains how the pup got lost during filming and they need help finding him.

“We were outside and he got spooked by some of the traffic and ran off, so he’s been missing for 24 hours.”

Then, for distribution purposes, Driver requested the help of his Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill who has 3.4 million followers on Twitter. Hamill gladly tweeted out the video on Driver, Carax, and the whole film crew’s behalf.

“He’s very much a member of the family to the crew. We will put you in the movie, we will give you chocolate, we’ll christen your child. Anything, as a way of saying thank you.”

The video’s numbers kept rising, and after it was viewed over 800,000 times, someone saw little Javelot at a train station. He’s since been reunited with Carax and from Instagram looks as happy as ever.


As of now it’s still unclear whether whoever found him is going to be in the movie or having their child christened. The important thing is that the internet and two celebs made a good thing happen!

There, I made it through the whole story without making a joke about using “the force.” Oh wait, does this one count?

H/T: The AV Club

Featured Image: @HamillHimself/Twitter

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