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State Troopers Rescue Hiker and His Dog Trapped in New Jersey Woods

A hiker and his dog were just going for a walk on the Yellow Trail in Fredon Township when they were met with an unfortunate situation. They found themselves stranded on a steep incline, unable to get back to level land. The man and his dog clung to a tree at the bottom of a cliff as the man quickly dialed 911. Luckily, Troopers Sean Sullivan and Russell Cahn came to the rescue as soon as possible.

It was around 7:45 pm when the hiker called. So, by the time the troopers arrived at the scene, it was dark outside, and it had also started to rain. The trail the hiker and his dog had been on was not clearly marked, but the troopers were still able to find their way in time.

Image: @NewJerseyStatePolice/Facebook

Sullivan and Cahn marked the path with road flares to help guide other responders to the correct area. They weren’t able to drive all the way to the scene, so they drove for about a half mile. Then, they had to walk through the woods to get to the hiker and his dog. They made sure to carry a trauma kit and a rescue rope with them.

The two troopers walked for about a mile, whistling and calling out in hopes that they would get a response. Once they found the victims, they were relieved to see that the man and his dog were not hurt. However, the troopers could not find a safe path to get down to them.

When firefighters arrived with equipment to help, the troopers were ready to save the poor hiker and his furry friend. The pair had been trapped in the rain in 55-degree weather for a long period of time, so they were eager to get out.

Image: @NewJerseyStatePolice/Facebook

Sullivan tied himself to a climbing rope as Cahn and the firefighters carefully lowered him down. First, they brought the dog to safety. Sullivan tied his rope to the do, and they carefully lifted him back up. Then, they helped the hiker up and finally, Sullivan.

Medical responders checked the hiker and his dog at the scene, and then they were released from there.

The troopers and firefighters spent about a total of two hours trying to rescue the man and his dog and luckily, their efforts paid off. Both the man and his furry friend are now safe and sound. However, it could have been a lot worse if the kind troopers had not found them in time.

Featured Image: @NewJerseyStatePolice/Facebook

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Written by Molly Weinfurter
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