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Stranger Gives Tax Return As Reward To Help Find Girl’s Missing Dog


Skyla Wheeler is an 8-year-old girl that loves her dog, Olivia. They’ve grown up together since Olivia came to live with Skyla when she was just an infant. But on January 29th, the worst happened and Olivia went missing. The poor young girl is desperate to find her beloved companion. “I want her to come home,” she told ABC News. “Olivia’s a sweet little girl, I mean dog, and we love her, she’s a family member and she means a lot to me.”

Skyla and her mother, Rachel Wheeler, are not giving up looking for their Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. Rachel has taken to social media, asking for any and all help to find her daughter’s dog. “It was a gift for our daughter and it’s her dog, I mean, it’s mine, it’s a family member, but it’s her dog,” said Rachel Wheeler. She’s looking at every yard sale site, Facebook group and checking animal control daily.

Image source: Rebecca Trylch | ABC News

Although they haven’t yet found Olivia, they did hear from a stranger. A woman the Wheeler family has never met before offered to use her $1,500 tax return as reward money for Olivia’s return. She said she had lost her own dog when she was a little girl and knows how devastating it is. The Wheeler family is overwhelmed with this woman’s generosity. “It gives us faith that there are still people out there that genuinely care,” Rachel explained.

The Wheelers hope that this money will convince someone to come forward if they have or find Olivia. Rachel believes that someone will find the kindness to return Olivia to Skyla. We certainly hope this is true. Taking a dog from any family is a terrible crime, but Olivia has been Skyla’s best friend her entire life. If you know where Olivia is or might be, the Wheeler family urges you to text them at (989) 501-5005.

Written by Katie Finlay
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