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Stray Dog Rests His Head on His Rescuer’s Shoulder When He Realizes He’s Safe

On a hot day in Dubai, Anand Raman went to visit his sister at work. Everyone he passed was trying to stay cool and out of the sun. However, no one seemed hotter than the stray dog he came across hiding in the shade under a car. The dog was eating some scraps and he didn’t appear in very good shape. His fur was dirty and matted and when he got up, he seemed to be walking weird. Raman knew he had to help right away.

When the dog saw Raman looking at him, he came over to him as if they were best friends. He wobbled a little bit as he approached Raman, but he wagged his tail and seemed happy to have the company. After that, Raman knew he couldn’t leave the dog behind, so he brought him into his car.

“He approached me with a curious but excited disposition, wagging his tail excitedly,” Raman said. “This demeanor of his is what initially made me fall in love with him.”

Image: @anandraman_/Instagram

A Beautiful Rescue

As soon as the dog was brought into Raman’s car, he knew he was safe. He rested his head on Raman’s shoulder and fell asleep right away. It was likely that the poor dog hadn’t had a peaceful rest in a long time.

Raman brought the dog straight to the vet. The dog seemed very exhausted, so Raman allowed him to keep resting on him while his sister and brother-in-law helped them get to the clinic.

Image: @anandraman_/Instagram

Luckily, the vet discovered that the dog did not have any extreme conditions. He had been wobbling while he walked before due to rickets in his front legs from malnutrition. The condition was easily treatable with no long term effects. So, after his checkup, the dog was ready to head to his new home.

When Raman brought the dog home, he gave him a bath right away which revealed that the dog actually had a pure white coat. Therefore, he named him Snowy.

Image: @anandraman/Instagram

Snowy’s Progress

Even though Raman had gladly took Snowy in, the poor dog was still hesitant about his new surroundings. He seemed unsure of where he was allowed in the house, so instead of exploring, he spent a lot of time hiding in a corner.

Also, when Raman would take Snowy for walks, Snowy didn’t seem to understand what was happening. He seemed worried that Raman would leave him alone on the streets again, so he would constantly pull back toward Raman’s home.

Image: @anandraman_/Instagram

It took him about two months, but he eventually understood that Raman wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to him. For once, Snowy finally got to feel the love he deserved. Raman said that Snowy is a very loving dog and he always showers Raman with attention when he comes home from work. 

Snowy gets along well with just about everyone he meets, including kids and other dogs. He has grown so much since Raman adopted him, but he still loves to cuddle with his dad just like the day they met. His life might have started out rough in the beginning, but now he couldn’t be happier thanks to Raman’s kindness.

Image: @anandraman_/Instagram

Featured Image: @anandraman_/Instagram


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Written by Molly Weinfurter
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