Stray Dog Wanders Into Mall And Joins Security Team

A stray dog in the Philippines recently went viral after he wandered into a local shopping mall. The adorable pup made himself right at home in front of an escalator and what appears to be the mall food court. Can you really blame him? If I were a dog, I’d camp out in front of a Sbarro, too!

The comfy dog appeared unfazed by passing shoppers: a little scratch behind the ears here, a long stretch on some cool tile there. Unfortunately, mall security had to escort the little shopaholic back outside.

Thankfully, Jan Mart Calimpong captured the entire adorable ordeal and posted it to Facebook.

Some Trespassers Get Handcuffs, Others Get Belly Rubs

After a quick belly rub, one of the security guards led the dog out. He basically walked out on his two back legs as he held hands (read: paws) with the security guard.


Calimpong was impressed with the kindness shown by the security guards, Rommel Francisco and Dionne Crisostomo.

“Though this dog entered the mall premises unnoticed, I was glad he was not treated harshly when sent back outside [and] instead the guard escorted him like he was [his] pet,” Calimpong wrote in his post. “It is just really cute because it seems like the dog really felt warm outside so he went inside the mall (translated),” he said.

The original video has been shared nearly 40,000 times and has received 136,000 likes! Thousands of people from around the world have commented on the video. They’re overwhelmingly showing their gratitude for the love shown by the guards. This is exactly the dose of love that 2020 needed!

Just Like Your Favorite Mall Pretzel, There’s Always A Twist

While their compassion was excellent, the story gets even better.

According to One Cavite’s Facebook page, the four-legged shopper is actually no stranger to the mall. He was basically raised by the security team who are essentially his foster family. Also, his name is Dogdog.


“He grew up here in the mall where I work at. Dogdog always joins us whenever we have our guard mounting. He is such a kind dog (translated),” said guard Rico Bucan.

The kind security guards were even commended by their agency chairman for their professionalism. Their compassion just goes to show that all customer experiences matter!


I just want to know what was on Dogdog’s shopping list that day?

Featured Photo: @onecaviteofficialpage/Facebook

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