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‘Subway Sally’ Visits Her Favorite Shop For Free Snacks

Every night, a smart dog known as ‘Subway Sally’ eagerly waits for her late night snack. She knows that if she sits outside the door of a Portales, New Mexico Subway with puppy dog eyes, she’s guaranteed to get a treat. So, this sweet pup has gotten into the routine of getting fed delicious slices of meat every night. The kind Subway employees can never resist her adorable face. She sure has taught these humans well!

Sally first gained popularity when TikTok user Kxnuko, who is a Subway employee, first shared a video of her on TikTok. In the video, she’s sitting on the other side of the glass door as the employees close up for the night. Of course, who can resist an adorable begging dog?

At the sight of Sally waiting at the door, the employees grab a few slices of meat including ham and bacon to satisfy her needs. They even put on gloves when preparing food for the sweet pup. When it’s handed to her, Sally greedily grabs the food and begins eating. Kxnuko said that the employees always make sure she’s given a tasty meal and fresh water.

Image: Screenshot, @wydsimp/Twitter

Sally’s video gained over 10 million views in just one day. Many people even visited this Subway afterwards in hopes of meeting Sally.

Is Sally a Stray?

The employees believe that Sally is a stray, so she relies on the sandwich shop to keep her belly full. However, many hesitant users suggest that maybe this isn’t the case.

One person commented on the video pointing out that Sally is in really good shape for a stray. Her coat seems very clean and she’s a healthy weight. It might be possible that Sally has a nice home, but she’s just taking advantage of her free snacks.

However, Kxnuko insists that Sally is a stray. All the local shops work together to care for her. If the Subway employees don’t give her food in time, she’ll move on to the nearby Taco Bell. A woman who runs a local flower shop even gives Sally baths from time to time.

Image: Screenshot, @wydsimp/Twitter

Sally isn’t the only stray that the employees have seen around, but she’s definitely their most regular customer. Everyone knows her very well and they will continue to care for her as long as needed.

“Multiple people have tried taking her but she never wants to go,” commented Kxnuko. “I suspect she has a regular place to sleep.”

So, it’s likely that Sally doesn’t have a home of her own, but she’s grown comfortable on the streets over time. She’s lucky to have so many wonderful people looking out for her. Maybe one day she’ll find a forever home where she can truly be loved and pampered, but for now, she’ll keep returning to Subway knowing she’ll get some delicious food!


H/T: thedodo.com
Featured Image: Screenshot, @wydsimp/Twitter

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Written by Molly Weinfurter
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