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Sweet Pitbull Abandoned and ‘Cries’ When Owner Stop Petting

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on May 30, 2024

One day, a couple found a dog named Rosie who was left all alone. She looked like she needed a friend, and little did she know, her life was about to change for the better.

Rosie was found by a couple who lived nearby after she was abandoned. When they found her, she was dirty, underweight, and had infections. They brought her to a shelter, and soon after, she was fostered by a family.

In her new home, Rosie was a bit unsure at first. But she quickly warmed up to her new family, which included three kids and a husband. “She really snuggle to everybody,” her foster mom said. “She was looking for love cuz she was abandoned.”

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Rosie adjusted to her foster family so well that they decided she should stay with them forever. They changed her name to Rosie. Despite not being the most athletic dog, Rosie loved her walks, even though she took them slowly and in her own chosen direction.

“She loves everyone she met,” her mom said. Rosie even made friends with a cat, a pig, and a duck. Her story shows that “everyone can find their soulmate in a shelter.”

Rosie also helped with other foster animals that the family took in. Many of these were in need of medical care or just a break from shelter life. “She just loves everybody,” her mom explained.

The bond between Rosie and her family grew very strong. When her mom lost a previous dog, Rosie helped heal her heart. “I needed someone to heal my heart and she needed someone to give her some assurance and to teach her that it’s okay to trust,” her mom said.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Now, Rosie is more than just a pet; she’s a beloved family member. “Rosie’s my girl,” her mom proudly states. Rosie meets many people and even has “a few aunties that give her papouccino every time we meet.”

Although some people might avoid Rosie without knowing her gentle nature, those who get to know her discover her joyful and loving personality. Her mom always says she’s “a mix between a hippo and a rhino,” with a big smile that brings happiness to everyone around her.

Rosie’s life is a lesson in looking beyond appearances when adopting a pet. Her story reminds us of the joy and love that adopting a pet can bring into our lives. “Her mission in life is to put a smile on everybody and just to spread love cuz that’s all she has.” Rosie shows us the beauty of giving a second chance to those who need it most.


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