Ask A Vet: Why Does My Dog Lick Me?

Our dogs communicate with us and each other using non-verbal communication. As the leader of our dogs’ pack, we must try to understand their cues. Communication with dogs is like trying to understand an alien species with whom we share our world and the responsibility falls to the humans to try to make “first contact.” Better appreciation of what your dog is trying to tell you helps improve your relationship and your bond as best friends. Even if lip licking … Read more

7 Reasons Your Dog May Be Coughing

Dogs cough for a variety of reasons. Just like people, they can cough to clear their airways of debris or mucous, but a persistent cough should be checked out by a vet. All dogs cough sometimes but only a veterinarian can help you rule out some of these causes to pinpoint why your particular dog is coughing and give you a plan for treatment. Whenever I see a coughing patient, I think through these possibilities and then apply what I … Read more