Why Are Freeze-Dried Raw Treats Becoming So Popular?

Ok admit it. The real reason we give our dogs treats is the dopamine rush we get ourselves. Am I right? There’s nothing quite like seeing my husky’s bright blue eyes light up, as she sits pretty and motionless, just waiting for her delectable morsel to be dispensed. So What’s The Big Deal with Freeze Dried, Raw Treats? First of all, lets define what exactly the freeze drying process is. When a food is freeze dried, first it’s flash frozen … Read more

7 Mistakes Dog Owners Make When Storing Their Pet Food

How you store your dog’s carefully-chosen pet food may be just as important as what the diet contains. Improper storage techniques can lead to bacterial infection, contamination and infestation. The following 7 mistakes are made by even the most informed and well-meaning pet owners. Breaking these habits will help ensure that your pup gets the freshest, healthiest food every meal time! 1. Dumping kibble into containers. Storage containers are excellent for keeping your dog’s food fresher longer. The mistake that … Read more

3 Tips For Keeping Ants Away From Your Dog’s Food

When it comes to storing dog food there are several ways you can ensure freshness and longevity. However, short-term storing often brings about problems that we don’t expect… one of which is ants. If you’ve got a dog that leaves a little bit of kibble here and there or one that’s got a full bowl to visit as needed, you have probably had an ant problem at one time or another. Ants will take over a food bowl very quickly … Read more

This Serious Dachshund Health Problem May Improve With A Simple Diet Change

Like every breed, Dachshunds are genetically predisposed to a handful of medical conditions. One of those is Urolithiasis or Urinary Calculi, commonly referred to as Bladder Stones. Stones can form anywhere throughout the urinary tract, but more than 85% appear in the bladder. Although stones can be quite serious, there is evidence that dietary management can help your Doxie avoid surgery. Bladder stones are formed by minerals in the urine that create microscopic crystals. Over time those crystals may join … Read more

11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Having a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything from what they eat to how their hair is cut. Although every loving dog parent has the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with your furry friend. 1. Skipping Annual Vet Visits Some people feel that it’s a waste of time and money to take their dogs to the vet … Read more

Ask A Vet: Can What I Feed My Dog Make Him Calmer?

We struggle with where our focus should be when we select foods and supplements for our dogs. There are diets for almost everything and recently there are even diets and dietary additives that are designed to produce mental calming and aid in anxiety disorders. Research has shown that there are compounds in food that can help our brains manage anxiety or chemical imbalance. Studies show that certain compounds that are found in foods can act as mood stabilizers or even … Read more

How To Choose The Best Dog Bowl For Your Pooch

When it comes to feeding your dog, the bowl you choose is almost as important as what you put inside it. Depending on the materials utilized in manufacturing and the eating style of the dog, the right bowls can ensure safer meal times and a healthier pup. First on the list in choosing the right bowl is material. Plastic bowls are soft and easily scratched during cleaning and repeat use. This allows harmful bacteria to build up over time. Even … Read more

3 Unhealthy Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Treats

When it comes to choosing the right dog treats, you might find yourself feeling lost looking down the aisle at your local pet supply store. Or maybe you’re browsing the web all day, looking for the perfect snack for your pup. Wherever you find yourself, you’re probably being bombarded with information regarding one important factor: ingredients. What goes into your dog’s body has a huge impact on their health and well-being, so looking at ingredients is something you should take … Read more

10 Signs You’re Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Food

You have a lot of choices when it comes to what you feed your dog. So, how do you know if you are feeding him the right food? Dave Ratner is the owner of Dave’s Pet Foods, based in Agawam, Massachusetts. Dave’s Pet Foods started out as an independently sold brand in Ratner’s own retail stores, but today it has grown to being sold in over 4,000 stores around the country, as well as through online retailers. We asked Ratner what … Read more

5 Things You Need To Know About Raw Diets

With interest in canine health and nutrition higher than it’s ever been, more and more dog owners are switching their pets to a raw diet. The benefits are well worth the time and effort, even if it might seem scary at first. While there are many people out there that disagree with raw diets, we want to encourage you to get all the facts before falling for the scare tactics. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that commercial … Read more

DIY Delicious & Nutritious Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles

Icy treats are perfect to keep on hand for anytime you want to spoil your dog, but they are particularly nice during warm weather. Not sure how to make ones that are dog-friendly? Not to worry, these easy-to-make pupsicles by Chef Gus of Rover.com are perfectly simple and are sure to have your dog drooling. Made with just a few ingredients, they don’t take long to whip up. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients 1/2 cup chopped strawberries 1/2 cup whole blueberries … Read more

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Delicious Puppy Pot Pie DIY Recipe!

Want to get creative with your dog’s lunch, dinner or snacks? We have the most amazing recipe for you today! It is a super simple DIY Puppy Pot Pie. By combining a healthy dog-friendly dough, your pup’s favorite wet food, and some shredded carrots and love, you’ll be whipping up a wonderful tasty treat for your furry buddy! Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Chicken Broth 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 2 Eggs 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Oats Wet Dog Food Of Choice … Read more

This Company Will Recycle Your Pet Food Bags

Our dogs eat a lot of food, which means a lot of empty bags. Ever wondered about the impact those bags have on our landfills? A company called TerraCycle is helping pet parents and their dogs be green by giving them a simple way to recycle and upcycle their dog food bags. Recycling Your Bags When you enroll in the FREE recycling programs, you download and print a free shipping label online through your TerraCycle account. Then you simply collect your … Read more

BREAKING NEWS RECALL – Blue Buffalo Recalls Dry Dog Food Due To Potential Mold

Petsmart Inc. announced that Blue Buffalo has issued a voluntary recall of some of its dry dog food due to high moisture levels. This could result in potential mold growth in the food, according to the company. To date, Blue Buffalo has not received any reports of dogs becoming ill due to the issue, but the recall was issued as a precaution. Affected Product The recall was issued on May 27th, 2016 for the following products: Life Protection Formula Fish … Read more

Take A Peek At Seattle’s First Dog Food Truck!

We’ve all probably dined at a food truck at some point. Oh, the joy of fine dining on four wheels! But Seattle dog lovers can also share the culinary joy of food on the go with their dogs thanks to Ben and Dawn Ford. They rolled out The Seattle Barkery, Seattle’s first ever food truck for dogs! “We had zero experience in the food truck world other than being hungry customers,” Ben told iHeartDogs. “My wife, Dawn cooked up this idea years ago and when … Read more

Breaking News – FDA Provides Update on Jerky Pet Treat Investigation

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration updated its ongoing investigation into pet illnesses and deaths in animals that ate jerky pet treats. This update includes the latest information about complaints of illnesses, test findings, and measures taken by the agency to identify the cause of the illnesses and deaths. Reported cases have been on the decline in recent years. Since the FDA’s last update in September 2014 and through the end of 2015, there have been 200 reports received. … Read more

BREAKING NEWS – FDA Issues Warning Letter To Raw Pet Food Company

In an effort to ensure your pets are safe, we are reporting that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to Lystn LLC (DBA Answers Pet Food), a raw pet food company, after their dog food tested positive for Salmonella. The letter, dated March 17, 2016 states: On October 5, 2015, FDA tested samples of your Detailed Answers Chicken Formula dog food. These products were contract manufactured by (b)(4). FDA analysis revealed the products to be contaminated withSalmonella. Specifically, sample … Read more

4 Risk Factors For Pet Obesity

Is your pet at risk for becoming obese? Last year, it’s estimated that over half of all U.S. pets (cats and dogs) were obese. It’s a growing problem that leads to an early death for many of these beloved fur babies. We are literally loving our pets into an early grave by overfeeding them. It can be difficult to separate food from love- for ourselves, let alone our pets, who believe food, playtime and attention are the three greatest things … Read more

10 Things Your Dog Really Wants You To Know

Do you ever wish your dog could talk? Your dog becomes such an ingrained part of every aspect of your life, it can be easy to forget they’re not really people sometimes. Most pet parents talk to their dogs as if they understand everything we say, after all, that’s how we learn, so it must be how dogs learn, right? Plus, your dog  just gives you that loving, understanding look that makes you swear he really does comprehend most of … Read more

3 Common Mistakes Of Well-Meaning Pup Parents

If only I’d known then what I know now, my Truman might still be here today. Like most pet parents, I thought I was being a good dog mom. But what I didn’t know eventually killed my beloved Great Dane, Truman. I didn’t hurt him on purpose, but what I knew then about caring for a dog wasn’t enough to protect and prolong his life. Looking back now, I can only accept what happened and know I gave him all … Read more

Book Review: CHOW Simple Ways to Share The Foods You Love With The Dogs You Love

When Rick Woodford received the news from his vet that his best friend, Jackson, was diagnosed with lymphoma, he wasn’t too surprised. He had noticed Jackson’s health had been going downhill quickly. He refused to eat and had no energy. The vet gave him less than a year to live. Determined to help his friend enjoy what was probably his last days, Woodford “lured him back to the bowl with a mixture of food that I just threw together—mostly turkey … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Help Your Pup Shed Some Pounds

Excess weight on a dog can pose many health risks including damage to joints, bones and ligaments, and create heart disease and diabetes–just to name a few. Luckily, there are some super simple ways to trim your dog’s waistline. Holistic Animal Nutritionist Marc Ching of The PetStaurant sheds some light on helping your dog shed some pounds. #1 – Treats A lot of people don’t realize that most dog treats are full of starch and sugar. Like human diets, carbohydrates … Read more

DIY Super Refreshing Blueberry Bacon Ice Cream For Dogs!

Today we have a wonderful sweet & savory recipe for your pups! I think making special treats for our dogs is so much better than buying something at the store not knowing what could be in it. This is a sure way to make sure your wiggle butt gets a healthy, nutritious and safe treat to enjoy! This one is ideal for the hot days where we all could use something frosty to cool us down. Ingredients: One Ripe Chopped Banana … Read more

DIY Muzzle-Watering Bacon Cheddar Doggy Muffins!

If there is one thing on this earth that dogs love more than anything, it’s probably bacon. That salty, savory treat that has them licking their chops and wagging their tails at the slightest wiff. Now, imagine combining that adored snack with yet another favorite among the canine crowd, cheddar cheese! Yum! These simple DIY bacon cheddar bites will have your pups begging and barking while they’re still cooking in the oven! Ingredients: 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 2 Slices Crispy Bacon … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Purina Issues Recall For Dog Food

Nestle Purina announced the voluntary recall of several Beneful and ProPlan wet dog food meals. The company issued the recall after their own internal testing found that some of their 10-ounce wet dog food tubs may not contain “the recommended level of added vitamins and minerals.” Products Affected The affected products were from one Purina facility on one production line in St. Joseph, Missouri, and were sold in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The following chart is from Purina … Read more

Ask A Vet: Should I Be Feeding My Dog “Superfoods”?

There are certain foods that contain compounds that have shown benefit to living systems. The media has coined the phrase “super foods” and there is a lot of talk about them. Restaurant chains are even adding in superfood sections to their menus. These foods are thought to help in the management of certain disease processes like osteoarthritis, cancer and brain aging. Some of these compounds may even have a role in immunity against infectious disease and improving skin and hair coat. Here … Read more

10 Fresh Foods That Promote Health & Cure Common Ailments

With all the recalls and dangers about where your dog’s food is being made, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to home-cooked meals. Even if you feed kibble, you may be adding fresh foods to your dog’s meals to make sure they are getting the right nutrients or to help digestion. However, this can be daunting if you have never fed your dog anything but store-bought food – how do you what is safe and what is not? … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Buffalo’s False Advertising Settlement Awards $32 Million To Customers

Blue Buffalo has reached a class action settlement after being sued for false labeling. Testing of their food revealed that by-product meal was used in “a ‘substantial’ and ‘material’ portion of their pet food.” Even though Blue Buffalo’s advertising and marketing campaigns – including labels on their products – said they did not. “A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit claiming Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. (“Blue Buffalo”) pet foods (the “Products”) labeling was false and deceptive and that … Read more

DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine Cookies Just For Dogs!

These cookies are a recipe my husband (a vet tech) and I developed to give our own dogs a special Valentine’s Day treat! They are made with all the things dogs love, like peanut butter and pumpkin, and even have pink icing that is naturally colored with beet juice! They are a snap to make and we are sure your dogs will love them! I’m taking a bunch to my classmates in agility class as Valentines – they are a … Read more

What’s REALLY In Your Pet’s Food? Find Out How To Look Past The Marketing Ploys

We all know dogs and cats should have meat in their diet. Most of us also agree it should be the majority of their food (especially for cats, who are obligate carnivores). And, most of us know that food ingredient labels are written with the largest “portion” ingredient first, so we all assume that if the label says a meat protein first (i.e. chicken, turkey, beef, etc.), than that food should be good for our pets, right? Rodney Habib, Pet … Read more