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16M Shelter Meals Donated 157K Toys Donated $320K Funded for Service Dogs 20K Blankets Donated 201K Rescue Miles Funded

    “The Man Who Rescues Dogs” Feeds 80 Street Dogs, 3 Times A Day

    Michael J. Baines is known as “The Man Who Rescues Dogs.” He is a Switzerland native, and has been living in Thailand for 14 years. As you may know, Thailand is inundated with stray dogs. When a  sick and starving dog (who’d just had a litter)...

      10 Fresh Foods That Promote Health & Cure Common Ailments

      With all the recalls and dangers about where your dog’s food is being made, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to home-cooked meals. Even if you feed kibble, you may be adding fresh foods to your dog’s meals to make sure they are getting the...