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15M Shelter Meals Donated 154K Toys Donated $315K Funded for Service Dogs 16K Blankets Donated 195K Rescue Miles Funded

    Owner Secretly Films Her Huskies Escaping Their Baby-Gated Kitchen

    Huskies are expert jumpers, powerful diggers and clever problem solvers – basically perfect storms of gate, crate and fence escaping potential! Callie Gansen, Iowa dog-mom to 3 gorgeous and precocious Huskies, shared a video of their daily kitchen...

      See Precious Footage Of Shelter Pets Who Get To Feel Special For Christmas

      Every year the Animal Rescue League of Iowa sets up Trees of Life in the lobbies of their 7 shelter locations where friendly humans can drop off donations of food, supplies, toys and treats. It is a cherished tradition and the area communities certainly...