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This Boston Law Firm Is Exclusively Committed To Representing Dogs

As of last year, the Boston Dog Lawyers became the only law firm dedicated to serving 4-legged clients in a court of law. Knowing that the pets of responsible owners are members of their families, the firm is committed to representing its clients in the best way possible. Founder Jeremy Cohen, Dog and Pet Attorney, has been practicing law for 20 years, specializing in defending pets and their owners since 2008. He decided to sell his general law practice of 7 years in 2014 … Read more

New Study: Your Pet May Influence The Kind Of Car You Drive

We are all guilty of stereotyping people by the car they drive. We often see our cars as a reflection of who we are, but did you know your car may also be a reflection of your pets? According to a report by automotive shopping site  and national radio show Car Talk, dog and cat ownership influences automotive brand choice, while multi-pet ownership–as well as affinity for certain breeds–can indicate a much higher preference. Survey The report stems from a poll conducted by … Read more

Their Son Asked For A Dog, So His Parents Came Up With This…

No, you have not accidentally been redirected to the iHeartAlpacas site. This story was just too good not to share!  When Matt, a native of Australia, wanted a dog, his parents got him a different kind of pet that was loyal, playful, and fluffy: an Alpaca! They named him Chewy because, as captioned on social media, #hechewseverything. These lanky lovebugs are prominent in Australia because of their soft fleece, docile demeanor, and low-maintenance lifestyle. According to The Alpaca Place, they are versatile animals … Read more

DISCUSSION: Should Pet Boarding Facilities Have Stricter Safety Regulations?

Recently, a tragic event took place at an overnight boarding facility located within a national pet store chain. Owners dropped off their 3-pound Chihuahua mix to stay for the night. But before they even left on their getaway, they received a heart-stopping phone call: their tiny pup had been attacked by a bigger dog. The Chi was put into emergency surgery, performed at the in-house hospital. Shortly after the procedure, he passed away. Since news of this story broke, the public has been left … Read more

Think Vets Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor? Check-Out These 13 Signs

The vet can be a nerve-wracking place for both people and pooches. Our dogs anxiously whimper and pace, smelling the stress of other pup patients. Our cats dodge their carriers, dreading the thought of a car ride, let alone a shot. And we do our best to calm our pets down, sometimes nervous, ourselves, at the prospect of some diagnosis or even an unexpected vet bill! That’s why we appreciate these veterinary offices that lighten the mood with their hilarious signs. … Read more

Woman Shares A Lifetime Of Photos To Say Goodbye To Her Senior Dog

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating heartbreaks that a person can face. It’s an inevitable fact of pet parenthood, but is a day that no one ever wants to think about. But what makes the final goodbye worth it all, is the love and joy that is shared through the years. The best way to get through the hard times is to hang on to all those beautiful memories, and cherish each and every one. In order to commemorate … Read more

Top 10 Dog Breeds In America – Did Your Dog Make The List?

  Here in America, we love our dogs, and certain breeds have became especially popular as companions that assimilate well into common American lifestyles. Every year the American Kennel Club (AKC) releases a list of  The Most Popular Dog Breeds in America, including the breeds’ rankings from years past. With the exception of Bulldogs (who ranked 11th in 2013), these 10 breeds have been in America’s top 10 favorites for multiple years in a row. Some of us may have a beautiful blend of a … Read more

14 Brand New Dog Products You’re Going To Be Beggin’ For

Last week Global Pet Expo, one of the largest pet industry trade shows, was held in Orlando, Florida. Companies from all over the world launched new and exciting products. Here’s the scoop on some of the new items we are most excited about. Which one(s) are you ready to buy? Tell us in the comments! #1 – Fellowship Collar & Control Leash These custom handcrafted, made-in-the-USA collars and leashes are made from genuine heroes’ military uniforms. You can add embroidery, … Read more

Some Companies Allow Pet Bereavement Time To Employees…Should It Be Mandatory?

We know that there are lots of local and international companies that allow pets in the workplace. Many of us dog and cat owners consider our companions members of the family, oftentimes honoring them with graves and memorials, like we do when we lose the people we love. It only seems natural for employees to be given bereavement days when these deeply loved pets are lost. This benefit isn’t standard, but it’s starting to gain traction. Although pet bereavement days aren’t mandatory by law, many big companies–pet-friendly and … Read more

3 New Products That Claim They Can Translate What Your Pet Is Thinking

Every pet person on Earth has wished they could know what their pet was thinking at some point. Why are they looking at me that way? What is my dog trying to say when he’s been whining for the past hour but won’t go to the bathroom? Why does my cat pace in front of the couch? Most of us have come to terms with the fact that we will never know the answers to these questions. Then there are those who … Read more

Beware Of These Top 10 Pet Toxins In Your Home

Every year, the ASPCA‘s (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) reveals the items that caused the most pet poisonings in the previous year. Headquartered in Urbana, Illinois, the APCC handled 181,818 cases involving pets exposed to toxic substances in 2015. Nearly 16 percent of those calls (28,523 cases) were from owners whose pets accessed over-the-counter products intended for human use, putting this category at the top of the list. “We’ve seen numerous new vitamins, herbal supplements and joint … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Chihuahuas

No matter who you are, you’re well-aware of the pint-size pooches the American Kennel Club describes as “graceful, charming, and sassy.” You know that their pocket-sized portability and irresistible cuteness make them popular pets among celebrities. You know they give you those “yo quero” cravings for Taco Bell. And if you have one in your life, you know how loving these little balls of energy can be! But do you know how popular they are among dog owners in America, where … Read more

All About Pit Bulls: 8 Things You Didn’t Know

Pit Bulls are all over media, in two extreme lights: on the one hand, we hear stories of an aggressive and vicious breed (misconception number one: “Pit Bull” is not a breed), and on the other hand, hardcore Pittie lovers can’t imagine loving any other kind of dog quite as much. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall, it’s always super important to do your research before making judgements about any kind of dog, whether you’re just petting them in the dog park or adopting … Read more

8 Fun Facts About Labrador Retrievers

We all know that the Labrador Retriever is fun-loving, loyal, and full of energy, but what else do you think you may know about this breed that is loved by so many all over the world? Here are 8 fun facts you may not have known about Labrador Retrievers: 1. The Labrador Retriever is America’s favorite pooch! If you didn’t know this already, I’m sure you’re not surprised! They’ve topped the charts of the American Kennel Club’s “Most Popular Dog Breeds In America” list for 24 … Read more

12 DIY Ways To Remember A Beloved Dog Who Has Passed

In honor of your furry family members, we wanted to give you ways to memorialize your beloved dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Sometimes, making something can help with the grieving process, so we have rounded up 12 amazing DIY ways to create a lasting memory of the dog you’ve lost. Looking for a gift you can purchase? Check out our dog memorial gifts store. #1 – Bookshelf Shrine Author Alan Livingston has a special section in his home office which his … Read more