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12 Signs Of Aging Every Dog Owner Needs To Look For

Age creeps up on all of us, even our dogs. The signs can be subtle and easily missed while we go about our daily lives. However, being aware of and paying attention to the signs of aging in your dog could help you catch health issues early, which may make treatment easier and less expensive–not to mention save your dog discomfort. Brent Lotz, a vet assistant at Berry Hill Vet Clinic in Oregon City, Oregon, gave us 11 things to watch out for … Read more

The Way This Loving Man Helps Ease His Senior Dog’s Pain Will Move You To Tears

Kane is a senior Husky. His back legs stopped working and his human is doing everything he can to help him. But Kane is very old, he’s too old for surgery. Kane is in pain, and pain medication can only do so much. But his human never gave up on him. They discovered that the cure to Kane’s pain is water therapy. And water therapy did wonders! After just a couple of days, Kane was able to walk with help, … Read more