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Terrified Shelter Dog Finds His Perfect Home After He Was Transported From A High-Risk Shelter

Tova came into the Humane Society of Tulsa from a hoarding case in December 2018 with 87 dogs. He was hiding inside a hole in a wall, frightened to the point of trembling when rescuers found him. Shelter staff noticed that he was very timid, afraid of people and even other animals. He would keep his head down even when being walked through the shelter and cowered in a corner when introduced to another dog.

Thanks to a grant from funded by the community, he went on transport to Humane Indiana in Munster. Upon arrival at Humane Indiana, the staff shared his story in a Facebook post as a plea to adopters.  A family reached out and explained that their resident dog has a similar past and a slow transition in the home but found a lot of confidence after being adopted. They were ready for another addition and said Tova seemed like the perfect fit. They felt called to be his forever family! He was adopted the day after his picture posted on Facebook!


Tova’s life is really beginning now that he’s able to have the life a dog deserves! And your contributions to the Second Chance Movement through the iHeartDogs store helped him find the right family to give him the care he needs! Every purchase from the Second Chance Movement collection funds transport for pets from high-risk shelters to no-kill facilities where they’ll have time to find their forever homes.

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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