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Thanks To The Community, Puppy Stolen From The Shelter Is Found, Safe & Sound

It’s every shelter worker or volunteer’s worst nightmare: you’re going about your day, caring for dozens of animals and giving them the best life possible, when suddenly you realize that a puppy is missing. After checking video surveillance, your worst nightmare is confirmed: the helpless pup was stolen.

This happened at the Greenville Humane Society last week, causing a stir in the entire community. It made people question who would do such a thing; someone who wasn’t qualified for adoption? Someone who wanted to make a profit? Someone who needed a bait dog?

The baby’s name was Finn, and the no-kill shelter posted pleas on Facebook to remind the thief — whoever it was — that puppies are “fragile” and “cannot take care of themselves.” What’s more, Finn was still recovering from his neuter surgery.

Word spread among local animal lovers, and the community pulled together to try to find Finn and bring him back to safety.

Tips poured in from the public, and video surveillance served as evidence of the thief. Along with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to locate the suspect within 24 hours – and find Finn!

Luckily the pup was alright, aside from being very hungry and dehydrated. Since he went so long without a meal or drink, it appears that whoever took Finn had no plans on caring for him, after all.

Finn was reunited with his sister, and will be carefully looked after until he’s adopted. We’re sure these two cuties will have no trouble finding their forever homes – especially Finn, the brave pup who’s something of a local celebrity!

The thief has been caught and charges are pending. We hope that justice gets served! Most importantly, we’re glad that Finn – and all the pups at the GHS – are safe and sound.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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