15 Dog Breeds With The Fewest Health Problems

Looking for the healthiest dog breeds? Let us help!

As dog parents, one of our top priorities regarding our dogs is their health. The unfortunate fact is, despite our best efforts, some conditions and diseases are simply hereditary. When buying a purebred, finding a responsible breeder that tests their dogs for the presence of genetic health problems can certainly eliminate a lot of the guesswork. But if you’d like to rescue–which is a great thing to do!–there is no way to know who the pup’s parents or siblings might be.

Luckily, there are a good number of breeds that are less prone to devastating genetic conditions. And while it’s certainly not a guarantee your dog will live to a healthy, ripe old age (which is always the goal!), purebred lovers might have the best luck with the following generally-healthy dog breeds.

15 Healthiest Dog Breeds

#1 – English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are believed to be rarely affected by hereditary diseases, although when they do have problems they tend to be eye related.

healthiest dog breeds

#2 – Shiba Inus

These foxy little pups have remained predisposed to a healthy life. The cat of dogs, the Shiba Inu may be small, but they’re certainly tough! Keep Shibas lean to keep them fit. Make sure they get plenty of exercise.  

dogs fewest health problems

#3 – Poodles

Whether toy, mini, or standard, Poodles of all sizes share the same knack for staying healthy. Despite their overwhelming popularity, a well-bred Poodle is typically very hardy and considered one of the healthiest dog breeds.

heathiest dog breeds

#4 – Greyhounds

The Greyhound tends to outrun major health problems, making these gentle creatures even more beautiful than they first appear! And while most people believe Greyhounds to be high-energy dogs, they’re actually pretty laid back. After a good run, they just want to chill


#5 – Border Collies

Another incredible working dog, the Border Collie has also evaded many of the most common problems in popular breeds today. As one of the highly intelligent dogs, be sure your Border Collie always has entertainment or a task to do. Without something to keep busy, these busy bees will grow bored and destructive, which certainly puts strain on a dog’s health. 

healthiest dog breeds

#6 – Bichon Frise

Bichons rank as one of the healthiest small dog breeds around, but these adorable floofs will require grooming. Without it, allergies can arise and these happy pups can become susceptible to skin and coat issues


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#7 – Belgian Malinois

It’s no surprise the Belgian Malinois, arguably the most versatile working dog in the world, has an impeccable health record. Bred almost entirely for performance, these dogs lack the usual ailments found in most other working breeds.

healthiest dog breeds

#8 – Beagles

No breed is immune to health problems, but Beagles stay fairly lucky in regards to the most common issues. These frisky pups needs exercise to stay happy and healthy though. Let them do some running to keep them feeling their best! 

dogs fewest health problems

#9 – Basenjis

Basenjis may not be able to bark, (don’t worry, its a normal breed characteristic!), but there are little to no ailments holding these adventurous dogs back, making them one of the healthiest dog breeds. Curious about what a barkless dog sounds like? Hear the yodels! 

dogs least health problems

#10 – Australian Cattle Dogs

The ACD holds the world record for the longest living dog, with the title belonging to a pup named Bluey. As a rough and tumble working dog breed with few health problems, it’s no wonder that Bluey lived to be 29-years-old! 


#11 – Foxhounds

Another hardy hound, Foxhounds are considered one of the dog breeds with the fewest health problems, but they need lots of exercise to keep their constitutions sharp. Keep your fox hound busy and he’ll be singing his song for years to come!

healthy dog

#12 – Chihuahuas

Long known for their place in history and myth, these little dogs live a long time with an average life span of 14-18 years. Many have lived far past that age as Chihuahuas are one the healthiest dog breeds.


#13 – Dachshunds

Short, stocky, and stretched out, Doxies generally maintain good health when fed healthy diets. These wiener dogs can turn into sausages pretty fast and obesity can wreak havoc on the long Dachshund spine. Keep them fit with gentle exercise and walks.


#14 – Siberian Huskies

Bred as sled dogs, Huskies are known to run for miles through artic climes. This lifestyle has resulted in a sturdy dog breed with few health problems.

healthiest dog breeds

#15 – Mixed Breeds

Dogs with a genetic makeup from more than one breed typically go through life as some of the healthiest hounds out there. Save a life through the magic of animal rescue!


Feature Image: @thebordergirls/Instagram 

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