The 10 Worst Guard Dog Breeds

We can all agree that most dogs, when pressed, would try and protect their owner. Certain breeds, however, are generally lovers, not fighters. Even so,  if you are looking for a person-friendly dog, do your homework and check out the parents’ temperaments and be sure to socialize your pup from the very beginning.

#10 – Havanese

Considered one of the least “yappy” of the small dogs, he craves companionship. He will gladly crawl into anyone’s lap.

#9 – Flat-Coated Retriever

A happy hunting dog, their exuberance for people extends to anything walking on two legs. Your biggest problem? Getting them to not jump when greeting anyone they come upon.


#8 – Bearded Collie

Even though they were bred to be a herding and watchdog, they are lousy guard dogs. Barking at noises is one thing, but if a person approaches, they quickly become all wiggles, entertaining you with their signature “beardie bounce.”

#7 – Bichon Frise

Bred to be a companion dog, this little white ball of fluff is arguably the most affectionate. They want to be the center of attention, whether you are their owner or a complete stranger, makes no difference to them.

#6 – Basset Hound

This low energy hound would probably be a good guard dog, if it wasn’t so much work. Often thought of as lazy, he may not get out of bed when someone enters your house.

#5 – Bedlington Terrier

Not only does he look like lamb, but this breed is as sweet as one too. New people are a source of excitement, not danger, for this happy terrier.


#4 – Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Affectionately known as the PBGV, this cute scruffy hound ranks high on the “stranger friendly” list. As long as the intruder is not small furry animal to hunt, he will greet them with a smile and happy tail wag.

Lilly M via Wikimedia Commons


#3 – Irish Setter

This breed has made a name for itself as an awesome family dog. They have a high-energy friendliness that they will gladly share with anyone.


#2 – Golden Retriever

Following the lab closely, the golden is just a friendly dog. While he loves his owner, he’s the type that would go home with anybody.


#1 – Labrador Retriever

It is hard to find a Labrador retriever that does not like every person she meets. Happy-go-lucky, she would gladly show you where her owner keeps his best stuff, especially if you had a treat for her in exchange.



Featured Photo: Anastasia R/Flickr

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