The 18 Best 2016 Dog Calendars You Will Find

Looking for next year’s calendar? We searched high and low to find the best of the best dog calendars and rounded them up. Whether you are looking for funny or cute, your favorite celebrity dog, or one that gives back to a good cause, we have the best 2016 dog calendars you will find.

#1 – Conservation Canines

Love working dogs? This dog calendar is full of them and 100% of the proceeds go to Conservation Canines, a nonprofit that rescues shelter dogs and trains them as scent detection dogs for biologists working in the field. 

Conservation Canines

#2 – BOO – World’s Cutest Dog

Looking for a daily dose of cute? Then you want this 2016 dog calendar. You will get an adorable pic of Boo every day, along with trivia about the world’s cutest Dog. 

2 LMB2520016_2

#3 – Wet Dog

Looking for something to make you smile during your long work day? This calendar, full of wet pups, is a sure thing.

3 71uRC89UpjL

#4 – RescueMen

Who doesn’t like good looking men and animals? Tbe 12 men featured in the calendar have all rescued their companion animals including NBC Law & Order’s Danny Pino. Net proceeds benefit Pillows for Paws, an organization that brings comfort and love to NYC Shelter Animals. 

4 Screenshot 2015-11-09 11.50.31

#5 –  Texts From A Dog Day-to-Day Calendar

Ever wondered what your dog would say to you in a text? The famous Textfromdog.tumblr site has a 2016 calendar that answers that question in a series of funny texts that will give you a new reason to smile every day.

5 71y9SuOO6iL


#6 – Doug the Pug Calendar

An internet sensation, Doug the Pug is known as the “King of Pop Culture” and for being irresistible on camera. Who wouldn’t want his calendar?

6 201600025988

#7 – Pitties as Pin-Ups

In case you missed the great write-up we did on this amazing project, this is an awesome pit bull calendar that raises awareness and fund for Mutts N Stuff dog rescue. 



#8 –  Yoga Dogs

Have a dog named Namaste? Have a sense of humor? Than this calendar is for you! It’s got funny pups in yoga poses that will brighten your day. 

8 61c0jxButxL

#9 – Tuna Melts My Heart

Tuna melts all of our hearts, so why wouldn’t you want a calendar with his adorable mug looking back at you every day? A portion of the proceeds benefits animal rescue efforts.

9 tunacalendar

#10 –  Surf Dog Richochet

Richochet is the world’s only SURFice dog – using her amazing surfing talent to raise money and grant wishes to kids with disabilities and illness. Purchase of her calendar helps support her numerous causes. 

10 richochet calendar

#11 – Pit Bull Flower Power

The stunning photos of rescued pit bulls in flowers was an internet sensation! Now, you can enjoy them the entire year with Sophie Gamand’s 2016 Dog Calendar featuring her Pit Bull Flower Power photo shoot.

11 56490100180000a700304c38

#12 – Frodo the Sheltie: The Fetching

A perfect calendar for the dog enthusiast, this calendar may not tell you when 4th of July is (no dog likes to celebrate that holiday!) but it does tell you when Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and World Veterinarian Day is – along with other important doggy days throughout the year. Plus, it will keep you laughing with comic genius. 

12 Frodocalendar

#13 – Dog-A-Day Calendar

Do you love every breed of dog? Than this is THE 2016 dog calendar for you! It features an image of a different dog every day of the week, so you can enjoy all the diversity of the hundreds of dog breeds out there.

13 dogaday

#14 – Mutts

Do you love mutts? So do we! And this adorable Calendar has 12 mighty mutts that will surely make you smile when you look at them. 

14 Mutts Calendar

#15 –  Dog For Dog Calendar

The Dog For Dog company is famous for giving in kind to dogs in need anything you purchase. For example, buy some of their doggy peanut butter, and dogs in a shelter get a jar! With the purchase of their calendar, they will give a dogbar to a dog in need.

15 dog4dog calendar

#16 – Why Dogs Do That?

This fun calendar teaches you a little something about canine behavior while being a great place to story your important dates. Each month, learn about why dogs do those quirky things they do: for example, drinking out of the toilet. 

16 whydogsdothat calendar

#17 – What Dogs Teach Us

Another 2016 dog calendar that’s more than just cute pictures, this calendar has whimsical sayings about things we learn from our dogs. For example, “There are times when we just have to take a leap of faith.” Featuring 12 different dogs a month, it’s a fun calendar that will inspire you to live life more like your dog. And what could be better than that?

17 whatdogsteachus calendar

#18 – Manny The Frenchie

Everyone’s favorite Frenchie is going to have his own Calendar this year and we couldn’t be more excited! After all, the Manny the Frenchie Dog calendar is sure to be twelve times as cute as he is! (Cause, ya know, his picture is in there twelve times!) 

18 presale2016calendar_1024x1024

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